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Join in. If we all do it, we might just be able to . . . What I mean is that it appears as if it’s going to take a lot to pull the players’ heads out of their butts for just long enough that they can understand one thing. You can’t win.

Clearly the owners have no problem canning the season, and we all know what happens then. A labour impasse is declared and a new NHL is formed, with a Cap set at whatever level feels good for the owners. I’m thinking 30 million.

The players keep spouting it’s for the good of the game and to protect the earning power of the young guys and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

Face it guys, it’s over. When the NHL season is wiped out, and a cap is put into place, you will make an average of 1 million each – that’s assuming 30 players, and a cap of 30 million, for simplicity. Now, should you chose not to break the union, you are free to go and play in Europe for a handsome 200 000 or whatever guys make over there. Does that sound like protecting your earning power?

Take Jarome Iginla for example. Restricted free agent, probably would have gotten 9 million this year. Under the PA roll back, 6 million or so. Next year, he might get 5 million if he choses to cross the line.

Wake up boys, you can still make a decent dime, a pretty penny, and a few million dollars to boot.

The owners will win eventually, there is no doubt about it. The only question now is, how much are the players willing to lose before they accept that.

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  1. jgibbs32 says:

    I eat the talking bee’s because I am George Washington Christ

  2. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    If the players understood what you were saying, they would already have a deal.

    Your points really hammer home what I reported about Guerin on ESPN Radio.

    The NHL is likely to make another offer this weekend or early next week. Yzerman was talking about a 36 game season starting feb 10 in the Detroit Free Press. A season is possible but seemingly improbable because of the idiotic stance of the players. What the players don’t seem to get is that after the season is cancled – their problems have JUST begun. After the end of this season why should the NHL work with the NHLPA at all? Why shouldn’t they just restart the league and have a BIG draft? And when that happens how has the rank and file been helped by their current stance when they could have kepts most of teir current deals and gotten LOTS of other stuff…?

  3. Rico420 says:

    I say screw it, fire up the impasse and see Crosby play for the Habs 🙂

  4. greatlife15 says:

    Really good article man, gets to the point and is clear and very easily understandable

    Congrats on a successful article I say! If the players understood what you said.. well there wouldn’t be a need for this article would there. BUT those lunkheads don’t seem to understand that they are going to make loads LESS money if they play in Europe rather than a rolled-back NHL salary.

    Peace out,


  5. greatlife15 says:

    Yes that would be the day lol

  6. Bishop7979 says:

    At this point i dont want to watch some of these greedy SOBS play. Call in teh scabs watch guys cross the line 30 games into the season, and hopefully guys like mccabe guerrin hull and JR would stay the hell away out of “pride”.

    At the very least they could stick the AHL games on TV so i could see some of the younger guys play.

  7. Rico420 says:

    I couldn’t agree more with guys like McCabe and Guerin disappearing off the map, I’d like to figure out how mr. never won a Norris or Stanley Cup McCabe and Mr. *****sucker Guerin can justify their bloated salaries.

    Hull is playing at a discounted rate, JR atleast provides a bit of spark to the Flyers and as I have stated earlier is the closest thing to the US version of Gretzky out there.

    I just want a drop dead date for the season so I can prepare myself to see guys like Dan Tessier playing in the NHL next season.

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