10 Free Agents from a Penguins Perspective

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review provides a list of who they feel are the 10 best Pens free agent options. While it is not highly likely that the Pens will be able to sign any of the top players on this list this list is a good one to check out to refresh your mind of players that are available.

HTR believes that it would be awesome to see a player such as Briere or Gomez play along side Crosby however the reality is that these players are more likely to go to other teams such as the Flyers or Rangers.

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  1. habswinthecup-again says:

     According to Spector, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says that the Penguins payroll will be near the bottom of the salary cap floor. Here is the link for that http://spectorshockey.net/rumors.html (it is near the bottom of todays rumors). So if they aren't spending any money why do the article?

  2. kamullia says:

    The bottom of the cap floor is slightly over $34M, which means there was basically no change in the cap floor. The Pens last year total player salary spending was a bit under $37M USD. But that number, if Shero gets his way in signing the players he wants, will certainly go up.

    The Penguins got a discount by signing Roberts and Recchi at a combined $4.5M between the two, as opposed of what they probably would have cost in the open market, but that is still more than the Pens paid for both these players last year. This is because although the Pens paid Recchi’s entire salary, they only paid a very small portion of Roberts’ salary, with Florida having paid most of that, therefore Roberts’ salary hit on the Penguins spending was peanuts, if you will. Therefore more money will be spend already in regards to those two.

    Shero also has one goaltender under contract, for a minimum of 5 positions that are necessary. No one has yet been signed to take up the backup NHL, starting and backup AHL, and starting ECHL jobs. And while the AHL and ECHL jobs will not affect directly the budget, the fact is that obtaining a backup goaltender will almost certainly cost more than the $1.5M that Thibault played for last year. Therefore another increase.

    Add to this the fact that Shero has openly been saying that they are looking to sign and working towards a long-term contract with Ryan Whitney. Whitney’s salary last year was $0.9M, and a defenseman who put up enough points to be the 6th highest point-getter among his fellow blue-liners, and ahead of players such as McCabe, Rafalski, Zubov, Schneider, Pitkanen, and Roszival to name a few, will without a doubt get at the very least double what he made last year. Another increase.

    Add to this that Shero will be signing at the very minimum one forward in free-agency, and two defenseman…and even if they are the same or different personnel from last year, they will command the same salary at the least. Impact from two-way players and all, will be minimal, with most of the team coming back.

    End of the story is that whichever way you look at it, Spector is wrong at the Penguins being near the cap floor. They will probably be hovering right above $40M, unless Shero is able to sign the agents he is really coveting, in which case you can see their budget be up to $45-$47M for this year.

    But do not worry, it is by far not the first time, and certainly will not be the last, that Spector reports something completely out of context and wrong about the Penguins. I have come to resign myself to the idea that his sources from the Penguins must involve no one higher than the office janitor.

  3. kamullia says:

    That was almost without a doubt, the most useless article I have ever read that related to the Penguins and free-agents.

    The title of the article is “Pens’ free agent options” and there can be nothing further from the truth.

    They go on to list 3 centers, even if they are Briere, Drury, and Gomez who are the most coveted agents out there, but there is a problem with this. The Penguins need everything, except centers. They have absolutely no need for them. That is what the Penguins are overflowing with, and they just drafted another one with the first pick, to top it all off. So putting Briere, Drury, and Gomez in the same sentence with “Penguins” is absolutely futile. Now let’s look at the rest of the 10 agents listed.

    Defensemen. Now this is something the Penguins will be certainly shopping for (unlike centers). But the author only lists three. And out of the three he lists Souray, Hannan, and Rafalski. Well the only one that makes sense to list, is Hannan. Why? Because the Penguins have no need for offensive defenseman, therefore you can rule out Rafalski. And Souray who is not very good with the puck, and is known for being beat one-on-one is simply another problem for the Pens, not a solution to their problem. Hannan, is the only one realistically worth talking about, even though in the end the odds are highly stacked against the Pens on landing him.

    Wingers. This is something else the Penguins need, but not just any winger. They need scoring wingers. People who are known for putting goals in the twine. The article lists Smyth, Selanne, Blake, and Kariya. Selanne is simply another obviously worthless mention, because it is no secret that Teemu is only looking at two options: Retiring, or returning to the Ducks. Smyth, although he could be useful in any team, including the Penguins, he certainly is not a high-powered offensive weapon, and will never be mistaken as one. Therefore, it is somewhat of another waste of a name used out of 10 choices. Only Kariya and Blake are possible options, and even then, once again, neither player is really believed will land in Pittsburgh. Blake seems to attract no interest by the Penguins, and Kariya is believed by most to be far-fetched that he would choose the Penguins out of all his options available.

    In the end, Mr. Rob Rossi, the author of the article, uses 10 names and 70% of those are simply worthless to even mention. I was expecting 10 names that were directly relevant to the Penguins, and got basically zero, because all the ones that are relevant are believed to be far fetched by most.

    Rob Rossi might as well be assigned to write calendars. It would be more useful to know when the holidays will be next year, than the mostly useless information he passed on.

  4. Gagne1286 says:

    It was pointless, I was assuming he was going to list 10 players that would fit in with Pitt. All he did was list 10 FA and pretty much said none of them will be coming to Pitt.

  5. Williams1505 says:

    well that article from the post gazette…what kind of senseless what it only name one person that could be a possible signing for the pens….

    But As for all the ppl on that list…i dont think any of them would fit it….because in my belief….do we really really need that huge scoring wing to play with crosby? I think what we should be doing is targeting a defenseman not a big winger that is gonna cost us money we have hardly any depth in defense other then whitney and gonchar (which are both Offensive D-Man)….we need a stay at-home defenseman…..a bigger scoring winger would be nice…but i'd rather see them pick up a Defenseman….because thats what they need…MORE!

  6. kamullia says:

    The article was not from the Post-Gazette, but from the Tribune. Total opposites, since they are competitors. And as I stated in my earlier post, the article was worthless.

    They do need a defenseman (actually a couple) more at this stage than a winger, but both are essentially needed in the end.

    I am of the true believe that the defenseman will arrive, the same way Eaton arrived, via free-agency. But I truly believe for several reasons, that if the Pens are to get the right-fit wingers they are looking for, they will only get them via trade.

    Some people argue that Kariya would be a perfect fit, and although I am not completely sold on that idea, it does seem to have merit. However, even if it did work out, I am skeptical that Kariya, with the history he has had, will pick Pittsburgh as his future destination. But in the end, if all is weighed in, out of his list of 10, Kariya is the most likely candidate to land in Pittsburgh.

    That really gives a measure of how worthless the article was.

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