11 things that will happen this season

Last year before the season they had everyone’s lists of predictions. These predictions are great to write, read about now, call people crazy for their predictions, and come back to in May and see who was right and wrong.1) Theadore and Nabakov will have rebound seasons even if their teams don’t make the playoffs. They have too much potential to have bad years again.

2) Roloson, Thibault will not have good years again. Thibault wasn’t good down the strech and he gets injured too much. Roloson isnt an everyday goalie. Fernandez split time with him last year and roloson cant play 70 games. he needs offensive support which won’t be with him this year.

3) Lemeuix and Messier will combine for 80 games. Lemeuix will burn himself with the team he has. he will want to play every minute and that cant happen. Messier is just old. the team is lucky that he isnt essential to the team anymore.

4) The ‘Yotes will be made known this year. Shane Doan and Mike Johnson will be all stars. They are both very underrated. Everyone on that team besides those two were injured last year. With Burke back they will be back in business. If they only saw what Handzus can do for Philly before they made any trades…….

5) The first coach fired…….. Paul Maurice. That will not happen of course if Eric Staal can save the team.

6) Lecavilier will have 90+ points and 40 goals. Just watch him play.

7) Biron will pray to god that he left his pads in his car in quebec because him and buffalo team will be out of it by…. now.

8) Potvin will be nominated for the vezina. he is this year’s belfour. He is with the type of players he needs. I think he still has it in him.

9) As seen as in the past two times the word “hangover” will doom the Devils again. they will still make the playoffs but they will miss ‘Dike.

10) The Avalanche will be able to do it even without Roy. they will score high and won’t give up a lot of goals. Hejduk can score 50 again, but then again can’t anyone on that team.

11) Also one last one…. the St. Louis Blues will not win the stanley cup.

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  1. titans says:

    1) Jeff Hackett will suck!

    2) Jeff Hackett will suck!

    3) Jeff Hackett will suck!

    4) Jeff Hackett will suck!

    5) Jeff Hackett will suck!

    6) …well you get the point!

  2. zelepukinfan says:

    “7) Biron will pray to god that he left his pads in his car in quebec because him and buffalo team will be out of it by…. now.”

    I think Buffalo has to be one of the most improved teams over the offseason plus they have a lot of young guys that will only get better; also they have superior coaching and one of the deepest goaltending in the NHL. You are awfully harsh to predict that they will be out of it. I think they will make the playoffs and can even go deep. Their defense should be their strength and with Satan and Drury they will aim to score a lot of late goals in tightly fought games.

    A prediction that I would like to insert is that Belfour won’t last the season in Toronto and I predict a dramatic exit maybe even a mid-game blow-up as seen with Roy in MTL.

  3. CaptainModano says:

    1. agreed, these two are barely in their prime. They won’t post brodeur or turco-ish stats, but they’ll be decent.

    2. fernandez should get more games than roloson this year, but as for thibuault, his SO’s have gone up every year for the past few, at least i’m pretty sure of that. he won’t get 9 this year, but his numbers shouldn’t slump too badly

    3. i disagree, i think lemieux’s a lock for at least 60 this year, because the pens might surprise more than a few people. anyone else see that guy koltsov? he could be a rising star this year if he remains in the pros.

    4. you’re not a yotes fan by any chance, are you? because that whole paragraph seemed a little far-fetched. wishful thinking for a yotes fan, but unlikely

    5. it’s about damn time! staal will stall, he won’t save them.

    6. hmmmm….lightning lose prospal, gain stillman…..not sure if lecav’s going to improve on last year’s numbers, even if st. louis remains on his wing.

    7. sabres should rebound more than any other team this year, and challenge for a playoff spot…they’ve got adequate talent in every aspect of the game, more so, now that satan has returned.

    8. potvin will take the bruins further than hackett ever did, but vezina nomination? nope.

    9. i don’t really think joe’s absence will affect the devils that much….daneyko’s, maybe, but nieuwy wasn’t even there 2 full seasons. langenbrunner is now the key to that earlier trade for the devils. devils will challenge the sens for top seed in the east.

    10. at least 2 of the top 5 scorers this season will come from colorado, no question about that

    11. 36 years and counting…..sounds familiar, doesn’t it? coughtorontocough……

  4. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Hey, those were gonna be mine!

  5. titans says:

    You can have…

    1) Robitaille will be comeback player of the year!

    2) Robitaille will be comeback player of the year!

    3) Robitaille will be comeback player of the year!

    4) Robitaille will be comeback player of the year!

    5) etc…

  6. NHLman says:

    1. I agree they will both have good years. Except I think Theodore’s best season(s) (really only had 1 good season) is behind him. Nabokov is definitely a better goaltender than Theodore, if his team is solid in front of him he could turn some heads

    2. These two won’t cut it, their playoff run was luck. It will be just like what happened to the Canes after their great playoff run (remember the combo of Weekes and Irbe?). The Wild are not an upside right now, they have not improved, instead they have gotten worse. And they can become more worse depending on what happens with Gaborik.

    3. Disagree. Messier will come back this year and will play pretty much healthy, he is what, 3rd on the all time points list? I think under the right circumstances he will accumulate at most 65 points probably around 50 points (great production for a 4th line 42 year old). Lemeuix is Lemeuix, if he wants to play he will play and he’ll play good. For him it’s all a matter of desire.

    4. Let’s just say, yeah right. They have some rebuilding/retooling to do. Call me in two years

    5. First coach fired? How can you make a prediction like that? What’s the ground for this guess?

    Every coaches job is potentially in jeopardy

    6. Lecavilier will blow. He just came off his best season ever. It took him so much longer than expected to develop. And without Prospal, especially, I am not convinced. If he gets at least 70 points this season then I’ll be a believer

    7. I think Buffalo will play OK. They won’t win it all, but they won’t be an easy victory. Drury and Satan seem like they will compliment each other well. Biron is not their problem, all they need is time, like our friends the Coyotes. Probably even less time, 1-2 years before they become playoff contenders

    8. I think Potvin will have a strong season and will help the Bs. As far as Vezina I think it will be an unexpected goalie this year. Maybe Mike Dunham.

    9. Agree 100%. Especially coming off this lousy off-season. They certainly did not improve. And for the first time in a long time their defensive corps is not #1. This year they’re behind Detroit. The difference for the Devs will be whether their offense can pick up the tab

    10. Disagree. Avs will play well, but will be nothing more than an above average team. Hedjuk will not score 50 goals, he won’t score 40. He’ll fall into a very respectable 30-38 goal a season category I think for the most part of his career. Last season will be his career season. I think Forseberg will play well, not as well as last season. Sakic will be mediocre. Kariya will be a disappointment and so will Selanne. I think the bright spot will be Alex Tanguay. He is the future of this franchise

    11. No they probably won’t. But they might beat out the Rangers for the most washed up players award. Being led by Weight and Tkachuk

  7. bruinfan37 says:

    8) Potvin will be nominated for the vezina. he is this year’s belfour. He is with the type of players he needs. I think he still has it in him.

    I Love You!!

  8. bruinfan37 says:

    Your way too hard on the Avs. I do agree with Hejduk, but Tanguay will put up better numbers than last year.

    Sakic-mediocore? Selanne Kariya-Disappointment?

    I think they’ll be the best line in hockey. They will be the Avs #1. They’ll put up better numbers than Forsberg-Tanguay-Hejduk

    I actually have a feeling that Kariya will win the Art Ross

  9. CechmanekForVezina says:

    I prefer:

    1. Cechmanek will win the Vezina!

    2. Cechmanek will win the Vezina!

    3. Cechmanek will win the Vezina!

    4. Cechmanek will win the Vezina!

    5. Cechmanek will win the Vezina!

    6. etc….


  10. Slavik says:

    with prediciton number 3 i must agree mess wont play a single game this season.

  11. edmontonrules says:

    1. I sure hope so. Theodore was horrible last year.

    8. Potvin will do good early in the season. But he will stumble midway through the season. Everytime he starts with a new team he plays unbelievable, for a time.

    10. The team will be on offence the whole game so who even needs a goalie. They might as well pull the goalie and put on an extra winger.

  12. -Swizz- says:

    1) agreed

    2) roloson will probably play 30-40 games and put up a bit worse numbers than last year…same with thibault, his numbers will slip, but not too much

    3)lemiuex will have a similar season to last year

    4) may turn a few heads..wont finish any better than 8th tho..

    5) ehh..maybe..

    6) i think im the only one to agree here…maybe not 40goals, but 90pts is definetly in reach for vinny

    7) they’ll be bad..2nd or 3rd last in the east..

    8) HAHAHAHAH…thats too funny…u think potvin will be nominated for vezina with o’donnel, mcgillis, and hal gill as his only 3 nhl calibre dmen? even if they re-sign boynton, they’re D is suspect…potvin will post 28-32 wins, 2.50+ gaa, under .910 save percentage with few shutouts..

    9) as much i like the way the devils run their team…agreed..

    10) abby will be this year’s turco..goaltending not a problem…d not a problem..offense..not a problem..just penalty killing is their weakness..

    11) neither will the leafs 🙁

  13. UsedandAbused says:

    And 12… Gagne is going to have a rebound season. Both Gagne and Williams will be MONEY.

  14. Daytwa says:

    I just wanted to make a statement on the avs comment. Yes, I’m a detroit fan, but nontheless a hockeyfan. I look forward to watching the avs play, they will be exciting games. I also will not stick my foote in my mouth about who will be the #1 Team. No one ever knows. But I can say that the avs team will not have a number of scorers over 50. reason being, look at detroit. maybe there offense, to some people, was never as good as the one the avs are coming out with this year, but also understand that detroit had goal scorers that could have put alot more numbers on the board if they were the consistent go to guy. but due to the depth of offense on the team, they averaged 20-30. the avs will face the same thing. a person is unlikely to gain 50 goals on the team that is filled with people who can do the same. if they did, the avs will not be successful because they wouldnt be playing together, each individual would be playing for themselves, and that would end up costing them the cup.

  15. TC_4 says:

    I’m not cutting down what you just said, it was a good comment, but one thing to that “Avs won’t have a number of guys with 50 goals, look at Detroit.” You have to consider the fact that the Avs top 6 are all in there prime, with the exception of Sakic. That’s all though, you still may be right.

  16. Donovan says:

    I don’t agree with the Belfour thing. He might fizzle out but he won’t explode. But if he does, I’d take Cujoke back

  17. Donovan says:

    Atleast the Blues made the finals since then

  18. Montrealsdogg says:

    8) Potvin will be nominated for the vezina. he is this year’s belfour. He is with the type of players he needs. I think he still has it in him.

    no way, Potvin is quickly running out of lives, the B’s are gonna have to go back to Shields in a hurry.

  19. Aetherial says:

    1) Agreed, although neither will ever be as good as the hype they enjoyed.

    2) Agreed on the goalie comment but the Wild will have the support. They will resign the missing players.

    3) Lemieux will play 66 games and accumulate 79 points. Messier will play 63 games and get 29 points.

    4) The ‘Yotes will suck very hard. It will be a LONG season in Phoenix. They won’t get a sniff of the playoffs.

    5) The first coach fired…….. Paul Maurice. – I doubt it.

    6) LeCavelier will have 57 points and 23 goals. I will not be rushing to take him near the first round in any pool this year.

    7) Buffalo will win more games than last year and still miss the playoffs.

    8) Potvin will have an average year, at best. The B’s will be better this year though; playoffs for sure.

    9) They will miss Nieuwendyk. They will make the playoffs but be out in the first or second round.

    10) The Avalanche will be mediocre, especially considering the talent up front. Golatending will be their achilles heel. I am betting they get Joseph in a 3-way deal, or perhaps get Burke.

    11) The St. Louis Blues have as much chance as the Leafs, which is to say, not zero, but don’t bet the mortgage. They are a very longshot!

  20. CechmanekForVezina says:

    I sure freakin hope so. In fact, I know so.

  21. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Selanne passed is prime awhile ago. And Kariya has been trailing off too. Maybe this could be a good boost but it’s not guarenteed.

  22. BosBrn77 says:

    Don’t hold your breath!!

  23. nskerr says:

    I just wanted to add one thing that will happen. The Isles under their new head coach will play an outstanding trap with what might be the top 4 defensemen in the league and show a dramatic improvement over last year.

  24. Donovan says:

    Your gonna piss alot of Wings fans off by saying the Isles have the best four d-men in the league, but I agree.

  25. Petr89 says:

    Not to be too picky, but Lemeuix is, in fact, Lemieux, not Lemeuix as you’ve asserted. Regardless, I expect about 50-60 games and 90 points.

  26. Petr89 says:

    Not to be too predictable, but, umm, the wings defense IS better, at least on an individual to individual talent comparison. Kenny Jonsson is a poor man’s Nick Lidstrom, similar style, different effectiveness. Jonsson is also pretty prone to injury.

    …I was going to write a long thing, but I honestly don’t know too much about Hamrlik, Aucoin, and only a little about Ninnima. I do find it hard to believe that they are gonna beat the versatility, talent, and experience of Hatcher, Schneider, and Chelios/Fischer (depending on who you think is more effective TODAY).

    Anyway, you’re right. A lot of Wings fans (and fans in general) are going to disagree with you.

  27. avsfan19-33 says:

    i like #10 the best. go avs go. f*ck all those who doubt the power of the ‘lanche.

  28. MikeOxbig says:

    (5.) What’s your beef with Maurice? Staal save the Hurricanes? Are you nuts?

    (8.) Potvin….the Vezina? Gimme a freakin break.

    (9.) Devils don’t “miss” anyone, they just reload for another run at the cup.

    Hey….how about you just lay off the predictions Miss Cleo and pass me that blunt your hittin on.

  29. original6dan says:

    Tanguay is soon to be history. Pierre signed him in order to retain him as “trade bait.” This is the only sensible course of action for the Avs…

    Answer me this: Which player can the Avs part with in a trade for a goalie (or even a defenseman)?

    They ran out of their prospects. And no team would give up a potential #1 goalie for a guy with no NHL experience.

    They can’t afford to part with another D.

    They can’t move their bottom 6 forwards — none of these players is notable.

    Out of the top 6, can’t trade Forsberg or Hejduk — they’re just too good.

    Can’t trade Sakic — long contract & THE Avalanche franchise.

    Can’t trade Kariya or Selanne — what’s the point?

    Those who pay attention to the Avs will agree that Tanguay draws the short straw. He’s the only expendable “young gun” they have.

    He sat out the first part of camp last season (2002-03) and Lacroix doesn’t hold on to those guys very long at all.

    He’ll either go for a goalie by Christmas, or for a top D by the trade deadline… Either way, that will be in the back of his mind all year and his production will suffer.


  30. Bishop7979 says:

    1. Theo will rebound and his team wont make the playoffs, but i dont think nabokov will get any better

    2. Chicago keeps getting worse and worse, Thibault is going down with the titanic, Roloston has a good system working with Manny, if they get their holdouts signed i think they (the wild) will have a good year.

    3. Messier is playing 4th line duty with Petroviky and some no name thug. he cant get hurt playing 8 minutes a game. Mario is in the best shape of his life and is stronger and faster on his skates then I’ve ever seen him. He starting actually working out in the offseason and hitting the gym after practices, his sudden work ethic is amazing. He’s going to have a good season, especially with kolstov on the wing. He is quite literally the fastest skater in any league.

    4. The yotes will have a slight improvment but not enough to make anyone on the team a hockey household name

    5 i agree, i dont think even staal can save his job

    6. Vinny with 90 points, i dont see it. 70 maybe

    7. you never know who can surprise you. I’m not saying its Buffalo though

    8. Unless Boston gets some defense Potvins going to hang him self by his own belt by christmas

    9. “true dat”

    10. that is a true statement

  31. original6dan says:

    I’m having a little problem resloving these two satements:

    “8) … u think potvin will be nominated for vezina with o’donnel, mcgillis, and hal gill as his only 3 nhl calibre dmen?”


    “10) abby will be this year’s turco..goaltending not a problem…d not a problem..offense..not a problem..just penalty killing is their weakness.. “

    So Aebischer is now going to play like a God, eh? Goaltending and Defense is TOTALLY the Avs weakness. Foote is the ONLY hope he’s got. Who else plays D? Not Blake — he’s on the right side of the puck half the time, and the wrong side the other half. Morris is picking up bad habits from him. Skoula will play like… well… Skoula — which is to say, he is capable, but often fallible.


    Their PK has to step up, but I don’t see any of their off-season acquisitions helping with that! In fact, they’ll be more penalized now with Worrell. It’s going to take its toll.


  32. -Swizz- says:

    id say foote, blake, morris, skoula, skrastins is a very solid 5 on D…

    and yea abby is not gonna post a 1.72 gaa or whatever turco got…i didnt mean he’s gonna be this year’s turco stat for stat…i meant it in a way he’s gonna surprise everyone….lotta ppl are writing him off already, but he’s a pretty damn good goalie…

  33. original6dan says:

    Foote is the man! I cannot argue that.

    Morris needs to be all the Avs hoped he would be THIS season.

    And well, I could go on for days about Blake, so I won’t get started…

    I must say, Abby seems to be doing great in pre-season. Although…

    These aren’t real games yet. He’s playing well because he does have a lot to prove. But I’m not sure that he can keep it up for 50 to 60 games. When he has his first bad stretch, it may kill his confidence.

  34. aafiv says:

    Felix Potvin is already sucking hard for the Bruins. He’s been terrible since before he left Toronto. Why the renaissance now?

  35. aafiv says:

    1.) Robert Esche won’t suck!

    2.) Robert Esche won’t suck!

    3.) Robert Esche won’t suck!

    4.) Robert Esche won’t suck!

    5.) Robert Esche won’t suck!

    6.) …the Flyers still won’t win the Cup, but who thought they would anyhow?

  36. defenestrate says:

    One of the interesting sidelights to the preseason has been the retooled approach to the PK, which, let’s face it, cost them Game 7 against the Wild last year.

    People who would normally be considered offensive players are doing PK time (Sakic and Kariya especially). It is just preseason, but it’s working well thus far. Nikolishin has done well paired with Hinote, and John Michael-Liles has given some of us hope for a “real” defense as well.

  37. NHLman says:

    Shaaa… And monkeys might fly out of my butt.

    Firing Laviolette (sp?) was a big mistake. Signing Yashin to that HUGE MORONIC contract was the worst move they could have ever made. They should put that bum on the unprotected list in waivers draft. Maybe then they could get a decent guy in return.

    The Islanders will be like the Islanders. That is to say they will play their usual, pretty bad. Let’s see how good Snow or Dipietro does.

  38. Kashin says:

    for 4) I was aiming mainly for induvidual performances. i think doan johnson and burke can all have good years. Can they make the playoffs? as an 8 i dont see why not. passed there? no. I was aiming mainly that people will look at the team because of doan and johnson.

    a good 12) someone wrote would be rebound seasons from fowards. IE: Gagne. maybe even kapanen on that team. just a sick team. Too many players please feel free to add on.

  39. Kashin says:

    chelios is old. schneider is good but i would rather have hamrlik. i could see why one may argue. then there are lidstrom and hatcher who are lidstrom and hatcher. it can be up in the air who has the better top 4.

  40. Tradedude says:

    1. Sleeper Pick – Nashville 6th spot. 3rd round, lose in 5.

    2. Loser Pick – Vancouver Canucks. 13th west, Marc Crawford fired, Laviolette Hired.

    3. Steve Halko will score a goal!!!

    4. Snow disses Bettman about pad rule.

    5. Fleury does dope (again).

    6. 50,000 people show up at the Edmonton-Montreal outdoor game on Nov 22nd.

    7. Eric Lindros spits on Clark/scores hattrick against Flyers/injures John Leclair and Jeff Hackett.

    8. 5″8 Domi kicks the living **** out of 6″7 Worrell.

    9. Gary Bettman resigns from commissioner and joins the navy.

    10. Chara Grows 2 feet, bulks up 80 pounds/turns into the Hulk.

    11. The Blues will win the Stanley Cup!

  41. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Not really, Hackett is doing loads better than Esche in the preseason games.

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