11 things that will happen this season

Last year before the season they had everyone’s lists of predictions. These predictions are great to write, read about now, call people crazy for their predictions, and come back to in May and see who was right and wrong.1) Theadore and Nabakov will have rebound seasons even if their teams don’t make the playoffs. They have too much potential to have bad years again.

2) Roloson, Thibault will not have good years again. Thibault wasn’t good down the strech and he gets injured too much. Roloson isnt an everyday goalie. Fernandez split time with him last year and roloson cant play 70 games. he needs offensive support which won’t be with him this year.

3) Lemeuix and Messier will combine for 80 games. Lemeuix will burn himself with the team he has. he will want to play every minute and that cant happen. Messier is just old. the team is lucky that he isnt essential to the team anymore.

4) The ‘Yotes will be made known this year. Shane Doan and Mike Johnson will be all stars. They are both very underrated. Everyone on that team besides those two were injured last year. With Burke back they will be back in business. If they only saw what Handzus can do for Philly before they made any trades…….

5) The first coach fired…….. Paul Maurice. That will not happen of course if Eric Staal can save the team.

6) Lecavilier will have 90+ points and 40 goals. Just watch him play.

7) Biron will pray to god that he left his pads in his car in quebec because him and buffalo team will be out of it by…. now.

8) Potvin will be nominated for the vezina. he is this year’s belfour. He is with the type of players he needs. I think he still has it in him.

9) As seen as in the past two times the word “hangover” will doom the Devils again. they will still make the playoffs but they will miss ‘Dike.

10) The Avalanche will be able to do it even without Roy. they will score high and won’t give up a lot of goals. Hejduk can score 50 again, but then again can’t anyone on that team.

11) Also one last one…. the St. Louis Blues will not win the stanley cup.