110% Think Daze deserves a shot

After watching 110% last night, I cannot believe that Bob Gainey would not at the very least give Eric Daze a crack at making the Habs roster this year. Michel Bergeron or perhaps it was Enrico Ciccone said that this guy was the fastest player on the ice practicing with other NHL players at a local rink. Daze says his back is 100%,his conditioning around 80 and is ready for training camp.Now,I know this guy is injury prone,but with his size and skill,how can the Habs lose with an incentive laiden contract?. The answer is they can’t!. The Habs could use his scoring, Daze needs a job, and god forbid this guy ends up in Toronto and comes back to bite us in the ass! Gainey wake up for God’s sake you’ve got plenty to gain and nothing to lose.

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  1. urstruly says:

    listen man I would luv 4 da Canadiens 2 give Daze a crack @ it… But sayin we aint got nothin 2 lose is the wrong statement to make… Us aquiring the services of Daze means we spend 500 000$ that is if we get him @ the minimum then we have to make a roster spot which obviously means one of the young guys that Gainey promised a roster spot to doesnt get 2 play, which personally I think is absolutely the wrong move to make…. We should look @ all the different avenues b4 we do anything….

  2. Huge_Polar_Bear says:

    And where would we put Daze? He is a right wing. We have Ryder, Kovalev, Johnson, Perezhogin and Downey. Ok here is the deal I would love to give Daze a try because it’s a low risk situation the guy would get a one year deal and he would have to fight for every shift. He is also a big boy at 6’6”. But the habs would have to make room for him. Kovalev is not going anywhere, we just got Johnson he got 54 points last year I think we need to see what he can do. Ryder scored 30 in only his second NHL season. So we have a spot left on the fourth line for Daze. Unless the Habs finally trade for a #1 center or an offensive d-man (in the process making some room on the right side) then sure let’s sign Daze and see if he can be the player he once was. However the guy played 20 games in the last 2 seasons and only had 44 points the season before that. So big risk… ok for the league minimum sure do it even 750 000 but not more than that. If I were running the team I think I would take the chance it would also serve the purpose of having hired a francophone and that might be worth his salary in itself, if it quiets down the small percentage of disgruntled fans in Quebec who are screaming for some homegrown talent… but of course I do not run the team and only time will tell.

  3. sundin131313 says:


  4. HabsFanForLife says:

    Ok I would also love to see Daze here, but we do not need to worry about signing forwards, we have an ubandance. We have lots of young up and comers like Chipcura,both Kostityns,Perezhogin,Latendresse to already add to wingers like Higgins,Kovalev,Ryder,Samasonov,Johnson. So all in all we dont need wingers, now if we can sign a solid defencemen then i wouldnt be opposed to it

  5. bobsUruncle says:

    People seem to always miss the big picture!

    While I agree with people that Montreal is finally quite deep at both wing positions, how can you say we have no room for a talented player like Daze. If Daze can stay somewhat healthy, he would be a HUGE addition to the lineup…and it would give more time to develop the young guys.

    Personally, I would make him an entry level contract packed with incentive clauses…and then FIND room for him in the lineup by any means necessary. If in training camp Eric shows he is ready to play…then Bob can put a package together for that BIG DMAN we are lacking.

    With all the depth we have, we can afford to move one young player (along with a roster player) for a nice package!

    Some players will be on the move eventually since you are still limited by a roster space maximum. I think we were all suprised with the trade of Balej, and Hossa…but it was simply a question of foresight on Bob’s part. He knew he had some better talent coming in the pipeline.

    Even if Daze plays only one year. He will likely not play an entire season. Which means call ups and playing time for some young guys. And while I don’t wish it, we could have some injuries which would open up some playing time also.

    All in all, we have the room for a 30 goal scorer.

    I still don’t think Ribeiro will start the season on the top line with Kovi and Sami. If I were Carbo, I would slide Higgins into that role…thus opening the left side on the line with Koivu and Ryder.

  6. Habroller says:

    haha. Good one.

    13, it’s your age I guess?

    Our D is fine like it is. Thank you.

    Now go back to your Leafs forum.

  7. SmileZ says:

    I agree, 500K for a player that is going to kill the opposition on the powerplay and fill in for injured players is a risk I’m willing to take. Bring him in and its obvious Gainey is going to pull the trigger on a trade at one point in the season with Huet or Abby and hopefully Ribs. So why not have this guy there too just in case someone on the wing falls out of favour and asks to be traded? Let’s do it Bob, the more first line capable guys we got the better.

  8. habs4eva says:

    let say gaineys signs daze. wat if gainey would give bonk daze 3 rounder for arnott and 4 rounder

    plz tell me wat u think

  9. Huge_Polar_Bear says:

    The problem is that no team would want to trade for Daze as he is such an injury risk. If anyone out there wanted him he would be signed already. So this would only work if it were mid-season or at the trade deadline when the other team had seen that he can play or not. And at that point if he is healthy enough to trade then I think he would be worth a lot more than Alison…

  10. Huge_Polar_Bear says:

    Arnot I mean… sorry

  11. mtl_prince says:

    If the Guys at 110% were running the team, we would be bottom fedders every year!!!!!!!!

  12. souray_brawls says:

    habs could sign daze if he comes in at a good price lets say 500 000 – 700 000 . After getting daze, habs will have to look at salary dumping .. getting rid of bonk and another player on the habs roster possibly ribiro if he doesnt perform with kovalev and samsonov.. gainey said he wants a rookie to crack the lineup , but if they get daze there will be clearly no room for a rookie , also if the habs aquire daze wer will he play? gainey already got johnson , he has ryder and he has kovy. unless habs are willing to move one of those players (which is a mistake) just to get daze then theyre gettin ripped off , if habs want to sign another forward there best bet wuld be kozlov and getting rid of bonk.

  13. passionch says:

    He deserves a shot but it’s too late in Montreal at this point in time.

  14. oop007 says:

    Higgins with Kovi and Sams wud be pimp, but fact is Higgins could be the main dude for a lower line, why waste him as an extra on the main line when many of our other players could easily fill that roll

  15. habsoverserver says:

    Deep at wing and thin on defense means better off taking a chance on a dman than a wing.

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