20,000 people showed up, thanks a lot…

After the embarrasment that was Game 6 at the Wachovia Center, a disgruntled, yet optimistic fan gives their non-biased opinion on the team, the administration, and the future of the Philadelphia FlyersI am going to be blunt; I was never more outraged at my team than I was last night. I, along with 19,999 other people, came into game six expecting a hard fought game to the finish. What I saw was the worst played game in my 18 years as a hockey player/fan. The flyers need to go home and take a good look into the mirror, and wonder what the heck is going on with this team. PLaying without emotion is one thing, this team flat out quit after they were down 2-0. You can’t blame the atmosphere; I couldn’t hear my father next to me during the opening 10 minutes of the game-the fans showed up knowing it was an important game, why didn’t the flyers? You can’t blame injuries because the team that got the stuffing kicked out of them this series was whole for the last month of the season, and they went .500 for the month of April when they were desperately fighting for a playoff spot. No more excuses, everyone is to blame, each player that did not show up, Hitch, and Clarke

The thing that scares me the most about this team was not just their heartless play in the most critical game of the year, but their reactions after the game. Hitch himself said it best when he said “shocked”, to me thats not an excuse. I put some of the blame on Hitch, he got out-coached this series, but I put a lot on the players. Dejardins is done, he showed that during this series, but Ratje and hatcher were proven to be the bigest mistakes Clarke has made since Chris Gratton. I was extremely disapointed in the youth of the team-1 goal minus 22 for the series, and Forsberg was the only high point for the series, and even he looked lost out there last night. I place a lot of the blame for this on Clarke, because he created this team, and he needs to be held accountable in some manner. I wouldn’t go so far as to call for his job, but I would definately say he has very little breathing room to make another mistake like the ones he made this year.

What do the flyers need to do this offseason? The answer was obvious; they need to get faster, and develop a true second scoring line. Luckily, a lot of the expendable players (Therrien, Brashear, Dejardins, Savage) are free agents this year, and should not come back. Clarke needs to get rid of one, or both, of the two d-men who are worthless in the new nhl (a task that will prove to be the hardest things to do in the offseason) and they need to address the goalie situation. I think Clarke will use Esche as a bargaining chip to get speed into the lineup, and keep Nittymaki for the future. I honestly believe the goalie “controversy” towards the end of the season created more problems than benefits.

The flyers need to add speedy d-men and quick scorings. They need to resign Kim Johnson, as well as Gagne and Pitkannen. Look for the flyers to add a d-man (Markov was a huge loss, Clarke could go for him, as well as Redden, McCabe, etc.) and 1 fast scoring winger to the mix (ex: samsonov, Afinogenov, Elias, etc) because this series has proven that the flyers current layout for a long-gone league.

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  1. Viller02 says:

    Your on serious crack boy. They dont need to fire anyone, its simple as that. Brashear, Stevenson and co wont be back, Clarke said so himself. Go check the Official website.

    They took a gamble with an old NHL style team, were struck by injuries, 9 regular players at a time at some point. They still finished the season with 101points, so theirs still good in this team. Hatcher and Rathje were a mistake to some degree but they’ll have to keep up or the Flyers will just use their younger guys more…. Our fowards aren’t that bad, we depended too much on our younger guys, but hoprefully they will have learned from the experience and be better next year.

    The team will be much different next year except for the goalies I bet. Niittymaki will get his chance next year and Esche will have to shut up and back him up when needed.

    I just hope we can get at least two free agents, a speedy dman, someone like Redden would be perfect and another scoring winger to solidify our 2nd line.

  2. Kraftster says:

    You certainly should have heard of all of them. Equally impressive seasons compared to Richards, Carter, and Umberger. Forsberg at 6th overall and Pitkanen at 4 is hardly “good drafting.” Sure, teams can pick busts here, but, I don’t see it as that impressive.

    Gagne is a good pick, and you forgot to mention Justin Williams. Nittymaki is a good pick, but Meyer? Give me a break, its a little early to be arguing that that was that great of a pick.

    Umberger was drafted by Vancouver and Philly TRADED for him after he held out in Vancouver. Thats a joke to claim Umberger.

  3. almelo95 says:

    I still don’t know where the story that the hit was replayed over and over came from. It was shown once, after he was in the locker room. And the cheering came as he was being helped off of the ice, as a sign of saying “we’re glad to see you on your feet”. Get your facts straight.

  4. rooney says:

    philly fans cant say anything about any other fans. they cheered for the fact that irvin was takin out on a stretcher. Plus if you wear an opposing teams jersey to a game there is a good chance you will get jumped.

  5. kicksave856 says:

    you’re making a fool out of yourself. philadelphia fans are some of the greatest, most passionate fans in all of sports. and who ever said that any flyer goalie was better than brodeur? maybe some of the idiots you hang out with, but 99% of flyer fans, and fans of any other team, will tell you that brodeur is one of the greatest goalies ever to play the game. i’m a flyer fan and i hate the devils, but i’ll honestly tell anyone that asks me that the only goalie i ever saw that was better than marty was patrick roy.

    and forsberg did pay off, dumbass. he made this team 100% better than they would have been this year. he made gagne into a superstar and was, by far, the best player on the ice when he was healthy. when the kings got gretzky but didn’t win a cup, was that a bad move? did getting gretzky not pay off for the kings? moronic statement to make.

    you’re an idiot. you sound like an ass. i can’t waste any more time on this. you’re a tool.

  6. Villanova says:

    Get some facts straight. I’m not here to argue, but to correct you. Meyer wasn’t a great pick. He wasn’t a bad pick. Fact is, he wasn’t drafted. He was an undrafted free agent. Second, Flyers didn’t trade for Umberger. They signed him as a free agent. The Rangers aquired him through a trade from Vancouver, but couldn’t sign him. After a certain number of years passed after his draft, he became a free agent. Several prominent teams were after him, but he signed with the Flyers. FInally, don’t knock Pitkanen. He has been a great offensive defensemen in his second year while he battled a severe ab/groin injury. Most defensemen take years to develop strong on the defensive side. Give him time in that department before callling him a bust.

  7. AHLoldie says:

    I’ve been to every NHL rink with the exception of Vancouver. The fans are not the same everywhere. The most knowledgeable are Boston, Detroit and Pittsburgh. The least knowledgeable are any southern team, Columbus and believe it or not, Toronto. The worst fans are Flyer fans, who are more like NASCAR fans. They are sitting waiting for blood. The reason I pick Toronto as the worst fans is that I go to at least 12 games a year in Toronto, and these people scream every time you bump one of their players. I sit in the same seat every time and never see the same people. The fans in the seats don’t even seem to know the rules. I’m amazed every time I go to a game there.

  8. guinsfan4life says:

    It really irritates me when I hear talk about how Hitch and Clarke should be fired. I mean please.

    Look at what those two have done for the Flyer organization. They compete for the cup year in and year out regardless of what players they put on the ice.

    The Flyers roster is still in the pre-lockout mode. They still have some slow moving defenseman and forwards. Once they can get more speed in their lineup and get the young players they have moving, they are going to win a cup. The new name of the NHL is speed..speed..and more speed.

    I think Umberger had a good series especially after getting decapitated the first game.

  9. bernie1parent says:

    lines should be for next year


    Umberger-Brad Richards-Carter






    We get rid of desjardins, rathje (trade him or drop him), brashear, savage, and nedved

    Trade Esche for brad richards, which ive heard some possible rumors about him coming to philly, whether as a free agent or a trade, hed be a helpful addition and as of right now, im figuring kapanen is going to retire. he’s pretty banged up, so id be surprised if he came back for another year.

  10. bernie1parent says:

    they dont need to rebuild, just change one thing. get rid of both desjardins and rathje. right there that would clear up 5 million, and that would be with something counting against rathje’s contract. I felt that he played really good this year, but once i saw buffalo play, they just knew where to go to blow right by him and desjardins, so they need to be released.

  11. Viller02 says:

    Desjardins is a free agent this summer, he wont be re-signed unless he takes a spot as 6th dman or 7th with league minimum. Rathje could be bought out but it would be high priced…. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see….

  12. bernie1parent says:

    wow, were you watching the same game, because it was played while umberger was still out on the ice, and the fans were cheering while he was still lying on the flat of his back, so if i were you, id try to recall the scene in my head before trying to support the buffalo fans. The point is though, every team does it, whether you like it or not, but it is totally unecessary to show something where somebody gets injured repeatedly. If he was able to bounce back up and skate on, fine, show it as much as you want, but to show it while the guys laying injured, thats just *****ed up

  13. bernie1parent says:

    have you ever been to philly? this is all speculation from a few incidents and i bet this happens at every stadium, its just the fact we are a big franchise team that everybody hears about it. Leave Us alone!

  14. bernie1parent says:

    as of this point in time id rather take the hit on rathje’s contract

  15. AHLoldie says:

    I lived in Philly during the 70s and watched the idiotic fans cheer Dave Schultz, the biggest goon who ever put on a pair of skates, pummel other teams star players, and get cheered while doing it. The Flyers haven’t won a cup since and don’t deserve one. This year they brought up two minor leaguers (Carter and Richards) whom they ballyhooed to be superstars and payed the price. Put them on a line with Crosby and they would be superstars. He made them stars as amateurs. The fans in Philly are so jealous that Sidney Crosby is going to “eat their lunch” for the next 15 years that they don’t know how to handle it.

  16. BryanWay says:

    Yeah, look at all Clarke’s done for the organization. He’s traded some of our best young players and most of our high draft picks over the last several years and made the bonehead choice of getting three huge defensemen for the new year. Manderville for Tibbetts? Roenick AND a third round pick for future considerations?! Patrick Sharp for Eric Meloche? Nedved for Seidenberg? Comrie for Burke (goner), Eager (AHL), Radivojevic (even though he’s a great penalty killer)? Markov for Justin Williams?! Adam Oates for Ouellet and our first three draft picks? Don’t forget my favorite… he bad mouths Cechmanek to the media, then tries to trade him! That’s like telling people that a car you have is a piece of shit, then trying to sell it. How much can you possibly ask for? Then, a month ago today, he trades the guy who built San Jose into what they are out of the dirt for, get this, a second round draft pick. You’re going to tell me to get off this guy’s back? I’ll get off his back when he gets fired, because he deserves it.

  17. almelo95 says:

    TV and the arena are different things. Just because it was played on tv doesn’t mean that it was shown in the arena.

  18. kicksave856 says:

    So you’re talking now about how you felt 30 years ago? You’re typing that on the internet, which wasn’t even thought of at the time you developed these feelings. Carter and Richards were fine this season. Sure they didn’t do anything in the playoffs, but not too many people on this team really did. They had good rookie seasons, no more or less than what was actually expected out of them from Flyer fans. Maybe before you go on about the Flyers “ballyhooing” them as superstars, you should do a little homework. Sure they think they can be big stars in the future, but they got what they wanted and what they expected out of them in their rookie seasons. Interesting how the names you bring up in your post about the Flyers are those of a man who played for them 3 decades ago and two kids that are each just playing in their first year. Yeah, good informative points all around. Anyway, I’ve already spent more time on your post than I really wanted to.

  19. kicksave856 says:

    Oh, and by the way, not to get in a pissing match (and not that this is even worthy of one), but the last thing on Flyer fans mind is the Pitt Penguins or any player on their team. We haven’t wasted any time thinking about them for years. We generally worry about teams that are within a reasonable amount of points in the standings in either direction.

  20. bernie1parent says:

    amen to that. how many points did eric staal have his rookie season? oh, 31. what did he have this year, 100. you can’t judge most rookies by their rookie season. their aren’t many who will come into the nhl their rookie season and make themselves a dominant presence, and richards for one wasn’t coveted for his scoring, but more his overall great play. He is going to be a great two way player while carter, he’ll be a goal scorer especially with the wrister he has. Just give them one, maybe two years and their names will be up there.

  21. AHLoldie says:

    You guys are all missing my point. I don’t think Carter or Richards are bad players. I think they’ll both be great. I was just commenting on Flyer fans. On this site in September, all I saw was how these two were going to lead the Flyers to the cup. I wrote that neither would have any significant effect on the Flyers going on to win the cup. I was especially critical of the speed of the big lumbering defensemen. Look at the quotes on this site from the Flyers own fans. Their D is terribly slow. I made the comment about Crosby because the Philly fans have been critical about him all year. I’ve lived in Philly, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis. I’ve seen Gretzky, Lemieux and Crosby play in their rookie seasons at 18, and Crosby overall is the best of the three. I know this might seem hard to believe, but Crosby’s upside is much more than either Gretz or Mario. Flyer fans should have little doubt as to his abilities since he scored 16 points in 8 games with 8 goals, despite being manhandled in every game.

  22. Villanova says:

    Philly fans aren’t worried about crosby. Fact is, he’ll likely be playing in portland, kansas city, hamilton, winnipeg, or some city other than Pittsburg. Their “great” fans can’t even support one *****ing winter sport.

    Speaking of Toronto, I love the rivalry those two teams have. Its come from playing against each other in the playoffs alot over the last decade. Sure we hate Domi, they think Brashear is a joke, but its all fun.

  23. Villanova says:

    Tibbets for Manderville – a bad trade, but a gamble

    Sharp for Meloche – Sharp asked to be traded, Clarke put him in a good situation. Sharp hasn’t done much of anything in chicago.

    Nedved for Seidenberg – they needed a center

    Comrie for 3 – comrie couldnt score as a flyer, eager is young and developing, burke was a goalie that they needed.

    markov for williams – they needed a defensemen and williams stopped progressing (until this year)

    oates for oulette and 3 picks – bad for the picks, but oulette is garbage

    The pick for Lombardi??? is that what you’re talking about? If so, thats fine. No one in hockey ever traded a gm or scout for anything. Soounds good to me. Just think, Lombardi was the one who pushed clarke to sign Rathje and get dimitrakos. He’s their west coast scout who probably told him to get nedved. Blame him if anything for those moves. Then to get a 2nd round pick…not bad if you ask me.

  24. Viller02 says:

    You would yeah, but people who are actually giving the money out aren’t, I dont think anyway. Theyd have to give him around 7-8million $ to buy him out. Thats alot of money for someone you’ll never see again.

  25. Viller02 says:

    We also got Matt Ellisson in the Sharp deal. Ellisson will be playing full time in philly next year.

    Clarke never made a terrible move when you consider the cir*****stances the trades were made in. He always tried to make this team better, they got screwed this year but its not like the Flyers are a unrecoverable piece of trash like Toronto for example. We still have excellent young talent coming along in all positions… Carter, Richards, Umberger, etc on fowards… Pitkanen, Meyer, Jones, Picards on D and Niittymaki in net.

    Give it a couple of seasons with this crop of youngers (plus whoever we draft and sign or trade) and if chemistry develops like it should we could be just as better as Ottawa and co.

    Developping youngsters can be a hard, long road at times but its ALWAYS worth it in the end. Flyers aren’t rebuilding and will not rebuilt, we just need some tweaks…

  26. AHLoldie says:

    I don’t know what you mean about fan support. The pens played to 92% capacity with the worst team in the NHL. That would never happen in Philly The only problem right now in Pittsburgh is Rendell. The Pens are ready to sign a new lease with a slots license for an arena, but Rendell wants his “cut”. He’s asking the Pens to agree to a plan B, so he can still get his cut and make the pens pay for a part of the arena too. 95% of the people in Pittsburgh are behind the pens, and getting a free arena, Rendell, an avid Flyer fan is against this plan for his own selfish reasons.

  27. bernie1parent says:

    well, i never said anything about carter and richards were going to lead us to a cup. i felt that they would adequately replace people like leclair and amonte’s production from the last season, which i feel they did pretty damn well at that. i just try to find every minute mistakes on crosby b/c i hate him, and i won’t stop. you know how it is, you find a player that you hate, you just rip on him for everything he does even if he is really good.

  28. bernie1parent says:

    well that 7-8 mill wouldn’t count all in the first season, that would be spread out over 4 years, plus with the league revenue going up, the cap will increase over 40 million.

  29. bernie1parent says:

    no, b/c we have good comentators, they were explaining how screwed up those who run the arena were b/c they kept on showing the hit, so shut up and get your facts straight.

  30. almelo95 says:

    Were you there? No. Was I? Yes. Case closed.

  31. BryanWay says:

    You’re right, it was a bad trade. Not even a gamble. Manderville was the perfect checking forward and tibbetts was shit. Sharp won’t be able to do much in chicago anyway, since they suck. No, we did NOT need a center. We had Carter, Richards, Handzus, and Umberger healthy. Clarke makes these stupid band-aid trades, which is why we have 12 centers and two left wingers at this moment. You’re totally off on the Comrie trade… he didn’t have time to get aquainted here, and coming in after he hadn’t played half the season? Williams NEVER stopped progressing and we could have easily filled the role with a depth defensemen like Slaney. Lombardi got traded because Clarke was afraid of losing his job. Rathje and Dimitrakos are good, and I doubt he told him to get Nedved.

  32. BryanWay says:

    It’ll be fun to see Ellison play ten games and not register a point. I look forward to it. He always tried to make the team better… with band-aid trades. He never once considered the future of the team, it was always ‘that year’ we were going to make a run, and look where it’s gotten us for twenty years. The three forwards you named are centers, and at this moment we have twelve of them. Radivojevic just went elsewhere, the Gagne talks are going bad and Ruzicka is a few years off, so we’re fairly thin on offense. Jones makes too many mistakes, and with the signing of Jonsson and Baumgartner, Jones and Picard will see no time this year and be pushed back for years. And what about all the great young defensemen he traded… Woywitka and Seidenberg to name two, and for players we don’t need. Hextall is the head of scouting and the one who got us Niity and every other goaltender for the past five years.

    They do need to rebuild because they’re still not fit for this NHL. Johnsson and Radivojevic have jumped ship and we have no talent on the wings except Gagne and Knuble. When we do have young talent, it’s been Clarke’s legacy to trade them for guys like Adam Oates and Petr Nedved, players intended to provide a quick fix rather than the long term, stable group of youngsters we need.

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