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Worst trades ever

This article is about the worst trades ever. And I suppose waiver transactions can be included as well. Major screw ups by GM’s, that they really wish they hadn’t done now. What do you people think are the worst trades ever? Here’s my list (Not in any order).

Stars Camp: Who Makes the Top Line?

The Dallas Stars are wrapping up camp in Breckenridge, Colorado today, to play the Avs in Denver tomorrow.

Zednik Remains a Hab

(Sept. 16th) — The Montreal Canadiens have signed Richard Zednik to a two year deal. The team is expected to make the official announcement later today, but TFP has learned that the contract is worth $1.7 million in the first year and $1.8 million in the second year. More details to follow.

Injury Bug Bites Flyers Early

The first full scrimmage of the Philadelphia Flyers’ training camp ended with injuries to two players.

RANGERS Training camp – first scrimmage

yesterday i spent the day at the NYR training camp, and there was a scrimmage

PLayers featured in yesterdays scrimmage included: Bure, Lindros, Holik, Dixon Ward, Lyashenko, Garth Murray, Tjutin, and Kaspar — vs — Poti, Lundmark, Messier, Lintner, Kloucek, Barnaby, Nedved, and Lampman.

Hockey and Music

Hello everyone.

As you may know- or not, it doesn’t matter- for the past few months I’ve been running a music Web Site on top of my World Issues Page where I’ve reviewed 13 albums, keep up a Top 20 of the best songs currently on the radio and have now added a new feature where you, the readers, get to pick your favourite songs, with a reader’s poll running alongside my chart (a link to this feature appears in the “Notes” section). Anyway, I’m getting ready to post a list of the Top 100 songs of the past five years (1997-2002) based on quality, and I’m doing a series of other pieces to compliment this. Since I’m a member of, I thought I’d ask you guys, my fellow hockey fans, about any correlations music has with hockey. Once I collect the results, I’ll post the findings as another article when the Top 100 gets posted.

Isles Re-sign Mad Mike

PLAINVIEW, N.Y. (AP) — The New York Islanders extended general manager Mike Milbury’s contract Monday, signing him to a multiyear deal.

The Trap slowing down hockey? 2 line passes?

What is the Trap?

This technique has slow down the game so much that when you watch a game that is boring to no end, You know that the Trap is being used. A team that uses the trap doesn’t pursue opponents, they don’t attack the puck and mainly don’t seem very interested in scoring…… Fan’s all over the NHL who watch there team lose to the trap get frustrated….. This type of slowing down the game also makes you wonder why 2 line passes are still around.


As much as I hate to admit it, I think that the Leafs are going to hit the rock hard floor of the Eastern Conference basement very soon. Let’s take a look at their offseason transactions, and try to make some sense out of the 2002-2003 roster.

Where should Dafoe go?

by wingman

There are still a few teams that could benefit from a goalie like Byron Dafoe. He has put up some solid numbers in his career, but has limited playoff experience.

Stats at:

HTR Fantasy Hockey Tips v1.0

The Fantasy Hockey Leagues are soon on their way…or let’s just add more excitement. Let the games begin! I’ve had my prizes won in fantasy leagues. I’ve played fantasy leagues like Yahoo’s, CBSSportsline’s, Smallworld (, and the CDM of THN. The most intriguing fantasy hockey leagues are Head-to-Head leagues with live draft, trades, and waiver pick-ups. It’s more challenging since you face a different team and try to steal a player who you think will be better than one of your players. I wouldn’t call myself an “expert”, but more like an advisor.

Team Websites

Recently I have been surfing the web looking at different team websites doing research for my fantasy hockey team.

What I’ve noticed is that my team, the Buffalo Sabres has a very poor website. The information on it is very minimal and it is rarely updated.

So, since we always have opinion pieces on the site, I am asking all of you which teams have the best and worse websites.

Please give reasons for your choices.

Rookie Of the Year?

For years, poolies and hockey fans in general have always attempted to look out into the future to see if we could spot the bright young star of the year, or otherwise known as the future winner of Calder Trophy as the rookie of the year for 2002-2003.

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