Monthly Archives: September 2002

Home Improvements Part I

Seeing as how people don’t like to discuss any possible trade rumors here at Hockey TRADE, I took it upon myself to think of the most pressing need for each NHL team, and use my vast imagination to think up a fair trade that would address that need.

Salary Cap and your team

I have read many articles and seen many proposals on a salary cap. But I ask you, if you had 30 or 40 Mil to spend what would your team look like?

Why Blame Sather?

Signing Bobby Holik and Darius Kasparaitis was big for the Rangers. Big for size, big for what kind of players they are, and big for their money. There are a lot of debates on that topic, which then created the blaming on Sather and the Rangers payroll. I just want to present what I have to say about it.

Recipe for Success

What will actually happen: any improvement from last year will be superb, even if its just keeping up with players in the neutral zone.

Are They Making Fun of Us?

I came back from my vacation. I enjoyed it, but I was disappointed that hockey is rarely known down south. What was most disappointing though, was when I got back I read TSN’s ( power rankings. If you remember, I wrote an article against The Hockey News magazine. This is the same situation. But, TSN actually gave some sorts of reasons…and these reasons explain to us why the media shouldn’t be followed when it comes to their so called “experts”. Should we continue to use that term?

Igilna to be King

Restricted Free Agent Jarome Iginla is looking for a new team that can afford him after his tribulations with the Calgary Flames. He is not happy with what the Flames have to offer in more ways then one. Now that he has become a superstar he wants a better team. He is looking at a team that is serious about winning the Stanley Cup. A team that is looking ahead and don’t underestimate what Jarome can do. The Los Angeles Kings seem to best fit the profile. He is probably going to move for a draft pick most definitely soon.