Monthly Archives: December 2002

B's sign the captain

“The Boston Bruins have signed center Joe Thornton (left) to a one-year contract extension through the 2003-04 season, it was announced on Monday by Bruins General Manager Mike O’Connell. In keeping with club policy, terms of the contract were not released.”

Maple Leafs Turn Things Around

After the first 14 games this season, Leaf fans were losing all hope and hiding, few remained to defend what looked like to be an ugly season ahead. As for those fatefull Hab fans and the rest of the NHL, they rejoiced as what they wished to be true was finally happening: the downfall of the Leafs. However, as the dust settled the Leafs have now came together and playing some great hockey. In the last two weekes they have one of the better NHL teams and left the Rangers the job of being laughed.

MantaRay Power Rankings 12/1/02

First Quarter of the season MantaRay Power rankings (all games up to 11/30/02):


The top 10:

-Red Hot Canucks march their way up 5 spots to #2

-Equally hot Sens march up 6 spots to #4

-overmatched Wild drop 5 spots to #7

-Southern draught dashes Lightning

-Pens regain elite status

Middle of the Pack:

-Flyers drop out of elite

-Hope for Canadian teams: Leafs & Oilers soar

-But not for Canadiens

Bottom of the Barrel:

-Keenan’s Kittys playing tough

-Yotes yield

-Pred’s move out of the Cellar, Rattled Sabres move in.

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