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The 5 best GM's or the 5 Best American GM's???

After reading the thread about ESPN dumping on the senators, it really got me thinking about whether or not it is true that the American press are biased towards american teams. After reading the article entitled “These guys have been smarter than the average GM” by Wes Goldstein which can be found at my opinion is yes, they are.

In Mr. Goldstein’s esteemted opinion the top five GM’s this year are Doug Armstrong (Dallas), Lou Lamoriello (jersey), George McPhee (Washington), Bryan Murray (anaheim) and David Poile (Nashville). He also gave honorable mentions to Rick Dudley (florida), Jay Feaster (Tampa Bay) and Pat Quinn (toronto)

A Disgrace

Did anybody watch the Edmonton/St.Louis game tonight? Suprise, suprise, TC is talking about the Oilers! But seriously this was disgusting!

Rangers Defense||Injuries? Cry Me a River!||Penguins Fire Sale||Senators Elected

Is the Rangers defense really so horrible? A disease called Kasparaitis is no longer a disease, but a future cure.

The Canucks are facing injuries and the Oilers are facing injuries. WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!! But, why do I see whining and sorrow???

Penguins putting up a garage sale.

Should the powerful Senators be elected, and be given respect, for the Cup finals???

March Madness Starts Tomorrow at 12 am!!! Excited? Don’t care?

Canucks Streak Ends – Injuries suddenly pile up

The Vancouver Canucks franchise 14 game winning streak was snapped at the hands of the SJ Sharks. Four regular canucks are now down with injury, the following article contains their statuses

Forget Nolan…Leafs need D-Men!!

After a pitiful loss to a much superior Red Wing team, it has become blatantly obvious that the Leafs need Nolan like they need a hole in the head.

The Red Wings completley undressed the Leafs defense corps in a 7-2 victory. The Leafs have proven that they do have great offense, but in order to make a deep playoff run this year, they need an extensive defensive upgrade.

Of course we have names such as Yuskevich, Marchement, Boughner…but knowing Quinn the way we do, he’s more apt to make a subtle deal and go with a lesser known player for minimal loss to his current roster and prospects.

Who should the Leafs target and who should they deal to get them? Should they target Zhitnik as it seems the Sabres may start a fire sale? Should they go hard after Yuskevich? Marchment? Boughner?

What do you think?

Montreal Looking for Big Name?

Who will the Habs go after? Selanne? Nolan?

Rod loses backing….

Rod Bryden loses backing for bid to repurchase the Ottawa Senators. Does this mean the Eugene Melnyk will step back into the fray and buy the team. Who knows.

Here is the story from TSN. There is a similar one from

Follow the URL.

Senators possible deadline deals!!

The Senators have already acquired one gritty left winger in Vaclav Varada, but don’t be surprised if Muckler picks up another one before March 11. He stated himself that he has deals brewing. Check out the possibilities.

A different twist on an article

“Big D just one of Ottawa’s obstacles”

I just got done reading this article on and thought that it was ridiculous that it was posted. Lately I’ve noticed awfully one-sided articles on, and it’s really starting to get to me. This one pits the Sens against the Stars in the finals and tells why Ottawa would basically get spanked and not win a game.

If The Pens Become Sellers, Who's Gettin Dealt?

Well I’m not giving up, but the consensus seems to be that after a 2-3 5 game home stand the Pens playoffs hopes have vanished. After all, the remaining schedule includes Philadelphia (4) (which to me begs the question why do you make a schedule where you play the same team in your division 4 times in 15 days and 4 out of your last 11 games), Ottawa (2), Dallas, Colorado, Detroit, NJ all once. That’s 10 out of the last 19 against elite clubs. But I feel that as a fan you have to have Ian Moran’s attitude! “If anybody thinks we can’t make it, they shouldn’t bother playing the rest of the games, you have to have a never-say-die attitude, go and claw and believe that we’re going to be in it.”

Sabres Finally Bought

According to the sabres have been bought by Tom Golisano. Does this mean that Satan and Zhitnik will be moving soon…..who knows?

Top 5 Canuck playoff pick-ups

Brian Burke has said that he won’t be making any major deals come the deadline, but that he isn’t afraid to “tinker” with his existing line-up. Now, I know the Nucks haven’t lost in 14 straight, but the playoffs are a whole different ball game, and the jury seems to be convinced that the Canucks are “a player away” from the cup. Having said that, here is my top 5 players for the Canucks to bring in.

Rumors according to TSN.COM

Numminen going to Detroit and Gomez going to the Blue Jackets are some of the trade rumors discussed on TSN.COM

Although Numminen has been talked about for a while now, Scott Gomez is sure enough a surprise.