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Major Shakeup Between The Posts?

Colorado, St.Louis, Philly, Tampa, Vancouver, Detroit, Calgary. What do all these teams have in common? There not 100% sure about their goaltending.

Ducks V.S. Wild= End Of Hockey???… I Think NOT*, More Like = Inspiration!..

While others will turn off their TVs in favour of warmer weather, I plan on watching 2 teams who have fought, battled, and crawled with everything they had to be where they are now….

Shhh! The Government Is Listening

That’s right – I’m baaaaaacccckkkk…….just like your “rash” down there, I keep returning.

First off, having just watched the Canucks / Wild game, I have to ask – I’ve misplaced my translation dictionary – does “Cloutier” mean “sieve” in French?

Dryden to be demoted? Shvela retired…again? is reporting on their website that current President Ken Dryden has been considered “superflerous” by the new Leaf upper management and could be either reassigned to a lesser position, or released altogether. The article states that the new incoming board of directors will likely keep Quinn in his dual role of coach/GM, and seeing as quinn never reported to Dryden, but rather to the board, Dryden’s position will be eliminated.

Is this a new beginning!!!

Ed Snider issues win-or-else ultimatum to his Philadelphia Flyers

July 12, 2002

PHILADELPHIA (CP) – The Flyers will be rebuilt if they can’t win with new coach Ken Hitchcock, says club chairman Ed Snider. “We want to see how everything plays out this season with this particular group of players,” says Snider. “If it doesn’t work out this year, then it’s time to go in a different direction.

“If this team can’t win under Ken Hitchcock, then I am convinced it can’t win under anyone.”

Senators Take Over Roman Empire, Which Stars Will Fall? Possible Trade Talks

Roman Cechmanek has pretty much proven himself as an inconsistent and liable goaltender. Should he stay with the Flyers?

Stars will fall, which ones though?

And…..some possible trades that may happen.

Pat Quinn to Stay Pat

Leafs president Ken Dryden and coach-GM Pat Quinn will be staying with the organzation, the Toronto Star reported.

A step in the right direction!!!

This is defiantly a disappointment for us Flyers fans. No doubt about it. We win one of the most hard fought entertaining series of our history only to be knocked out of the playoffs again by the Ottawa Senators. We have a very talented team with a perfect mixture of speed, size, and grit. So what went wrong?

Roy and Yzerman pull a switch

Well, It was thought to be the other way around for retirement, at leats thats how most thought it to be. Yzerman with injury’s would hang up the skates, especially after being Zipped in the 1st round.

And… Roy was thought to play at least one more year. But reports have him hanging up the pads.

STARS=Not for Sale!!!!

Hicks: Stars no longer for sale

Owner notes significant changes in country, economic climate


I've Decided Not to Kill Myself…

…but I’m ready to dismantle the Stars. I spend a buttload on that team each year, including the $4000 i just ponied up for the next two rounds THAT I WON’T EVEN FRIGGIN’ GET TO WATCH!

Experts Look: What You Want/Think Your Team Will Do In The Offseason?..

Heres your chance to let everyone know what YOU think your team will do this offseason and what would you do if you could call the shots for team….

Final St. Patrick's Day Parade?

As the rumors swirl, and the tension (at least here in Colorado), mounts, let’s examine both sides of the Patrick Roy retirement issue.