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Going to IRAQ

I know this probably will not get posted but i just wanted to say thanks for all the news updates from everyone even the leafs fans they keep me informed make me laugh (D-Strate) and get me pissed every once in a while but i just wanted to say bye to all the HTR family and i will be back after my little trip to the desert



Are Montreal & Colorado Planning Something???

Source: TEAM990 & Spector’s rumors

***NOTE*** This rumor is as crazy as you can get, but there are too many rumors about Montreal & Colorado these days to pass on this one. It may have some truth to it and may have not. In the latter case, it’ll lead to a bit of entertainment and some arguing…

Expert's Rumor Update:(For Wings) Whitney Is Headed To MoTown

Sources report winger Ray Whitney has signed with the Detroit Red Wings.

Vancouver Canucks Preview and Guide to Golfing After They Get Knocked Out..Again

Watching the free agent signings happening around the league once again makes Canucks fans feel like the guy picked last on the kickball diamond; ( I think it was my Peach “Members Only” jacket) just happy to be on the team.

Your teams best prospects 2003

Okay, its been awhile since weve been able to list our favourite prospects, so here you go!

Good fits for remaining Free Agents

With Free Agents still on the market like Ray Whitney, Joe Nieuwendyk, Brian Leetch, and Oleg Tverdovsky amongst others. And numerous players mentioned in trades like Robert Lang, Jarmior Jagr, Eric Lindros, Keith Tkachuk, Doug Weight, Pavol Demitra, Alexi Yashin, Micheal Peca, John LeClair, CuJo, Tommy Salo on the market. I’ll discuss good fits, feasible trades.

25th Season with the 25th Anniversary Oilers?

Larry Brooks of the suggests that Mark Messier, who is 8 points shy to become 2nd all time in scoring, may go to the Edmonton Oilers or the Florida Panthers to play with Mike Keenan.

Also, more around the NHL….

Wings to improve offense in coming days

Right wing Darren McCarty was a guest at a recent event with Jim Rome and said that the Wings are working on moves to improve the offense “in a few days” that would guarantee a return of the Stanley Cup to Detroit.

WDFN radio host Mike Stone also remarked that a “source that is usually reliable” told him that the Red Wings are close to landing Robert Lang via a trade with the Washington Capitals and signing free agent Ray Whitney.

The Lang trade likely won’t result in goalie Curtis Joseph getting moved with current Capital Olaf Kolzig manning the pipes.

Kozlov Back With Thrashers

The Thrash made a splash in the free agent pool and signed Slava Kozlov. Terms of the deal were undisclosed.

Let it All Out!

Ok, I’m sure some members on here remember that more than two weeks ago has mentioned the new addition of Fan’s Rant. If you don’t remember, please take some Cognitex and copy and paste the link below:

….moving on…

What I Missed!

Well, I am back to the uncivilized world (NJ) after a pleasing and relaxing vacation. It’s incredible how most times I leave on vacation and a lot of things happen. Fedorov signing with the Ducks, de Vries with the Rangers….and more rumors of Cujo. I felt like I missed too much and could not post any comments when the events occured. So, just giving some interesting opinions on the big acquisitions and so on, especially a discussion of Cujo going to……

Girard of Bruins in hospital after car crash

According to TSN, Jonathan Girard of the Boston Bruins is in hospital after a car crash that left him with an injured pelvis. Two other people were in the car at the time of crash. The crash occured near Joliette, Quebec. It is not suspected that alcohol was involved.

A good rangers team

Looking at the rangers right now it is obvious to say that they should be a good team. The problem is that they dont have enough team players. Ive come uup with a fairly good solution for the rangers which should work for now and for a long time down the road. Now the rangers team would look something like this: