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Comrie, Cujo, Jagr, Latest Play of Some Teams, Other Articles

This Mike Comrie story is worst than the Lindros one back in 2000. But is Lowe really the bad guy here?

Curtis Joseph played quite well in last night’s major win over the miscoached Sabres, and Holland made a statement that teams are interested in him.

Why do people think that the Capitals fired Cassidy to accomodate Jagr? And……Rangers fans should really stop wimping out on bringing in the Czech star.

Speaking of….

Rangers are water and oil. The Panthers need to make moves as well as the Falling Stars.

Also, some interesting articles.

…..Annnnnnnnnnnd……my off-topic rant.

Sneak Preview of HTRFHL

Just a sneak preview of a HTRFHL’s article, and this one could be useful for anyone.

Finding systems and strategies that other leguers don’t know is same as a football team with its own special playbook that the opponents don’t know of, or don’t understand.

Whole Lotta Love…??? Not!

Bruce Garrioch continutes to shoot more crap with his brainless head. Do Canadian hockey fans read his stuff? I mean does this guy still have a job? Canadians should SPEAK OUT against this pinhead.

Where does Cujo go?

Annnnnd……………we’ll go back a couple of days ago from the previous Challenging Mikster.

CuJo an answer for Chicago?

According to and the Chicago Tribune.

DG's Quick Hits- December 8, 2003

This edition, I’m covering everything from the last time I did this (November 8). Coincidentally, it’s my 22nd today too…not that it means anything.

To the mudslinging!

Fleury, will he play for Canada's Juniour team?

According to, Fleury will be able to play for Canada at the world juniours. Apparently, Fleury will be at the training camp on thursday.

This is awesome news for Canadian Juniour Hockey fans! Could this be Canada’s ticket to a GOLD medal??!!

Who Did You Vote For??

One quarter of the season has already gone by and it is now time to mark your votes on the All-Star ballot…

Time to use this site for what its for

I, like many others check this site daily if not hourly. ( I work all day with a computer). I check it daily to finally read an article about my favourite team or an article about potential trades, and that is what this site is for.

From a Mad Isle Fan To a Mad Owner Regarding a Mad Mike

Charles Wang is the owner of the Islanders. He decided to keep Mike Milbury as his GM when he bought the team in April 2000. Here is a letter to Mr. Wang regarding Milbury.

A Variety of Topics to Talk About

Cujo gets treated unfairly by what’s supposed to be a classy team.

Are Jaromir Jagr’s words true?

Comrie to Devils? Don’t think so!

Peca a cheap shot, Isle’s dug a huge whole.

And…… It’s your decision to find out a special system to use for your Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Team.

Jagr trying to fix problems

Tracking the Jagr Story part III

Well, it’s being said that Jagr now told media he never wanted to leave Washington and was just upset his team was not doing well.

Could it be Jagr really loves Washington and feels bad? Or Could it be Jagr’s now putting on an act so that other teams don’t worry about his attitude in the locker room?

Seems to me as if either Jagr has lost his mind totally or just figured something out.

Milbury is getting itchy trigger finger.

From this fans perspective, it is Mike who should go. He has clainmed responsibility for the Isles 3 week slide after breaking up the “good ole boys” group that formed when the Isles took their team to West Virginia for training camp. This group that wore jeans and CAT tractor hats included Wiemer, Peca, Aucoin and some other veterans. Rookies couldn’t break into the group. Getting rid of Wiemer not only was supposed to save salary, but break this group up. The remaining players countered with “Members Only” t-shirts. There is obviously friction in that locker room. The Isles started very strongly winning 7 of their first 11, however they have won only 2 of their last 11 since Jason Wiemer was let go. They have lost 6 in a row.

CUJO on Waivers is reporting that Ken Holland informed Curtis Joseph this morning that he has been placed on waivers. CUJO will not accompany the Wings on their trip through St. Louis and Toronto. In the event that CUJO isn’t claimed, he could be demoted to the AHL.