2004 All Star Jerseys

Anybody see this season’s All Star jerseys yet? They’re on the NHL’s website for purchase:http://shop.nhl.com/store/category?category=27354%2C167%2C%2A&productline=NHL-04ASAUTH&item=NHL-04asauth-001

AS IF!!! Do they really plan on making money by selling these?

How is it that the All Star Jerseys can go from things of beauty to THESE in just a few short years?!?

What is the fascination with the retro look?

What’s with the words “Eastern” and “Western” spelled across the front?

Is there no originality left in this league?

Must everything have laces now, for crying out loud?

I understand the color choice because its being hosted by the Wild, but come on — ZERO POINTS FOR STYLE HERE!!!

If I want to see a crappy jersey, I’ll watch some Coyotes or Avs games! (or Vancouver on “Retro Night” — poor Alex Auld.)

16 Responses to 2004 All Star Jerseys

  1. Rysto says:

    Well, at least we’ll be able to tell the difference between the two teams while watching the game. That’s been a problem in some All-Star games.

  2. titans says:

    I like em’!

    I also like pie.

  3. wingsrock34 says:

    im with u dude i thought the same this when i saw thoses jerseys

  4. Donovan says:

    I covered them earlier. Just becasue something is retro dosen’t mean its cool. Just look at everything from the 80’s. All that crap is starting to comeback.

  5. Freeze says:

    I like the jerseys. It’s a nice change of pace. Colorado and Pittsburgh had jerseys with the same sort of look and I liked those too.

  6. Datsyuk13 says:

    i agree with you, i couldn’t even believe they would make those the all-star jerseys. they dont look very good… definitely not for NHL standards.

  7. Donovan says:

    What kind of pie? I bet its not Key Lime

  8. DohCanada says:

    In the words of Bart Simpson, “Crappy crap crap!”

  9. habsoverserver says:

    Only $269 for a personalized jersey. Think of how much pie Titans could buy with that much money.

  10. goodfela26 says:

    They’re not bad at all. I wouldn’t buy them for that price, but then again, I wouldn’t buy any jersey for that price. They’re simply not worth it.

    However, they went with a simple retro look probably b/c this is the first time in 5 or 6 years that they will be going to the East-West All-Star format.

  11. titans says:

    No…it’s a very special kinda pie!

  12. titans says:

    Depends on where your getting the pie from!

  13. habsoverserver says:

    I guessed you switched to pie around the time you gave up your weekly BJ’s.

  14. kidhenry1 says:

    They could definately be worse. But they could also be a lot better…

    But do they ever make money selling all-star jerseys? If I went to the all-star game, I would want to represent my home team by wearing the jersey of the player representing them. Not some all-star crap

  15. wingsrock34 says:

    they did east and west last year

  16. The_Conductor says:

    The Jersey’s reflect the All-Star game. Tons of flash but after a while its just boring to look at/watch.

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