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Everyone continue to write them off because it's the only way they win!

The title says it all. I can’t figure out how these guys think, nor how their coach thinks.

Habs gain late season blue chip prospect

The Habs, Bob Gainey, pulled a slick one yesterday in the signing of ECAC player of the year Yann Danis, according to a press release via

This Quebec native obviously wanted the Habs more than any other team by vioding his entry draft status. He most likely would have been the highest goalie and a top-ten pic.


What a Finish (Early End of Season Report)

What was once thought to be unthinkable has happened. The Penguins have put together a run that puts them at the top of the league over their last 10 games. The Penguins have the top powerplay in the league since February 1. The Penguins just might be working themselves out of the 48% chance at Ovechkin. Lots of the talk here in Pittsburgh is surrounding that last point, and many people are calling for the team to somehow tank the rest of the season and secure the best shot at Ovechkin.

Forcing a Real Business Model Upon Pro Sports

defenestrate and cwthrash got me thinking about the current economic model of today’s NHL in d-strate’s latest article. During the thread the topic slightly veered from the Problems in the league right now, to the Business portion and how it’s all-dominant, all-consuming, and really just a big mess. And the more I got to thinking about this area of the NHL and pro sports in general, the more I realized something.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

I am well aware that the season is far from over, but now that the regular season is coming to an end I thought I’d write an article on the good Stroies, the bad stories and the ugly incidents that have occured during this season.

Congrats to the Leafs… Organisation.

After all the drama caused this week by the ”law” that the Ottawa City Counsil wanted to adopt in order to fine everyone entering the Corel Center with a Maple Leafs jersey on to make a small donation to the local food bank, the Maple Leafs organisation responded the best way they could today.


Sometimes I read things, and, like “Stir of Echoes”, they keep bouncing around in what passes for my brain until I either have to write something or implode. Things have been pretty slow on here, especially since the trade deadline only lived up to part of its name (the “dead” part), so……

A Torturella Story, Glen Healey Gone MAD? More Hockey Talk..

It’s a Torturella story down in Tampa Bay….is John Tortarella becoming a Mike Keenan wannabe?

As I was browsing the NHL Center Ice channels, I gladly stopped at the Devils and Penguins intermission, and is it me….or was Glen Healey about to bash US President George W. Bush and the US?

This whole Todd Bertuzzi story is starting to seriously get on my nerves, as I saw Steve Simmons saying….YES…..BLAME CANADA!

Post thoughts on some deadline deals, another Rangers face lift, and some thoughts on the playoffs.

In my honest opinion, I have already chosen the Vezina winner.

And….find out if there is actually an off-topic rant.

Who's Laughing Now?

I’m sure there are more than a few people out there who are a bit surprised or even a bit annoyed that the Habs are where they are.

Too bad! They’re for real, and everyone better think twice if they think the Canadiens will be easy pickings in round one.

Leaf jersey's forbidden in Ottawa?

The Ottawa Senators have officially become the lamest team in sports. Apparently they have passed a bylaw which forbides anyone from wearing Leaf jersey’s at the Correl centre. Anyone wearing a Leaf jersey will be made to pay small fee, which is a donation to the local food bank.

Does Hockey Need More Scoring?

Hopefully, all of you have heard about what the NHL’s ideas are for more scoring, and what they’re going to do about it. They’ve come up with ideas like goalie’s can’t come out of the net to handle the puck(i certainly don’t like it). Wouldn’t that make the goalie’s really bored? Or there’s other ones like make the pads smaller. How stupid are all the people hanging around Gary Bettman? Why don’t you just……..

Some Random Thoughts from the Fan of our Game

Well after a unusually quite deadline day, mostly due to the fact that most were completed before the Trade Deadline. But with the HTR staff not posting too many articles, and not a lot of recent messages by members, I figure I will bring up some things that I know would/could/should spark a lot of comments from the viewers, and members of HTR.

Maybe Pierre Isn't Crazy, After All

No, gosh darn it, you didn’t get rid of me for good. It’s just that my submission in the wake of the “hit I am sick of seeing” was too vituperous for publication.