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Lacroix Found His Goalie!!

According to, the Colorado Avalanche received goaltender Tommy Salo from the Edmonton Oilers this morning. No word yet on who’s going the other way.

Avs Land Gratton, Vaananen reports that the Colorado Avalanche have traded defenseman Derek Morris and prospect Keith Ballard to the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for centre Chris Gratton, 2004 2nd rounder and Ossi Vaananen.

Punishment doesn't fit crime

I’ve been watching Canuck games for 10 years, but I’ve never been this embarassed.

I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now, the humiliated look on Markus Naslunds face says it all.

Stars Land Valeri Bure

The Dallas Stars have acquired Valeri Bure. Details to follow. reports that the Florida Panthers acquire a draft pick and prospect Drew Bagnall.

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Monday/Early Tuesday Trades Review

Check out the trades that occurd Monday and on Tuesday morning (early)!

Leafs after Rucinsky? Lindros wants out? Daze in Colorado?

I hope this gets posted because this is big news for Toronto and Colorado fans. Close sources are saying JFJ is in big talks with the Rangers and Rucinsky is the one they’re after….

Bobby Clarke: ''Heads – I buy; Tails – I sell''

After having to part with a young prospect and a 2nd rounder in 2005 to acquire a defensemen, Bobby Clarke apparently decided he suddenly had too many d-men on his team…

Messier says Don't try it with me.

The Captain has been rumored all over the board more and more, but this time Mark Messier won’t let a Leetch type deal happen to him.

How? He said he simply won’t go to any team who trades for him.

Since Leetch is gone. Messier has no desire to play anymore. But he will not leave N.Y. by letting Sather ship him out like the leetch deal.

Ranger Faithful Pulling for Leetchie

I haven’t had much time to make a post the last week or so, but there is just too much stress building inside of me regarding my beloved NY Rangers. Alexi Kovalev, Petr Nedved, Jussi Markkanen and Chris Simon being dealt were just mere flesh wounds. If this gets posted great, if not it’s a great way for me to vent on a very sensitive subject aka the low blow of all low blows: Brian Leetch being dealt to Toronto.

An Avalanche of Questions

I listened to an interesting discussion on AM950 The FAN here in Denver after Colorado lost 7-1 at home to Calgary, making me take a serious look back on what has transpired this season for the Avs. As the ominous trade deadline of March 9th approaches, all of us must wonder what, if anything Pierre Lacroix will do to shake up this Avalanche franchise.

Trade deadline deadpool!

Hi kids! I’m Titans! Let’s play a game! The game is the NHL trade deadline deadpool! Here’s how it works! You pick FIVE names of players you think are gonna be traded before Tuesday’s 3:00 pm deadline! The person who picks the most players actually traded wins!

Take It For What It's Worth…

Everybody is going nuts with rumors at this time of year…especially when you work in a “Sport” bar in Montreal. Tonight was really quiet night, so I had the chance to talk a lot with one of our customers…

Here’s what he had to say…