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Top 10 Most Wasted Talents In The NHL

After seeing the list of the TOP 50 players ( Current) it was tough to even fathom listing these players. First off, Yzerman today is maybe top 40, but Yzerman 10 – 15 years ago finished 3rd in scoring behind Wayne and Mario consistently. What that list need was a little more structure, which this list has.

Thank you Habs for a great season

“Great” might seem like a strong word for most people but as a diehard habfan, living through the dark years of the mid ’90’s: The Roy trade, “horrible Houle” giveaway trades and injuries to every last player on the club roster forcing them to dress guys like Juha Lind, Johan Witehall and Craig Darby. (That was our second line), I could say that our standards have gone somewhat lower. But the word “great” is a good word to define the season that the players and the organization have given to us loyal fans.

Dispelling the goaltending myth

Now that we have made it to mid-second round, are you guys ready to finaly admit experienced goaltending is NOT make or break?

What effect would a small market battle have?

Can you just see it now? Tampa Bay vs. San Jose…… It may possibley be Bettman’s WORST NIGHTMARE.

Top 50 Players in the NHL

Every late August/Early September the Hockey News publishes their ‘top 50 players’ in the league, based on their performances of this season and in their careers. For fun here is my list:

The Long or Short of It

I always wondered if the league would have the guts (for lack of a more colorful term) to reduce what everyone knows to be a particularly brutal schedule. If the talks mentioned in this article by TSN have any merit, then we will have some mighty juicy tidbits to debate that don’t involve the depression and angst of the CBA.

Martin entertaining offers

Let’s Guess how long it’ll take till Jacques Martin is a new head coach… Could this happen very soon?

According to the Ottawa Sun, his agent, Rob Campbell, has fielded a couple of calls from NHL teams interested in hiring Martin.

Ex-coach getting attention

Paul Maurice’s name already is coming up in connection with the Ottawa Senators’ coaching vacancy.

While, on the outside, that would appear to be a good thing for Maurice, on the side it is making the former Carolina Hurricanes coach a little uncomfortable, reports the Raleigh News & Observer.

Inspired by Eli Manning…

Say you’re Aleksander Ovechkin, and as long as you don’t mind being booed on draft day and sitting out a year or two, you can pretty much demand where you want to play. Simple questions: Where? why? and where not?

Getting close to the draft… Let's do an activity!

Alright, this is considered to be one of the more “dead” times on HTR and seeing how mid-late June is right around the corner, let’s see just how much you know about your team when it comes to the entry draft.

Second verse, same as the first

The Flyers won the second game of their series against the Leafs the same way they did the first game : strong cycling down low and Eshe outplaying Belfour. I guarantee you Belfour wants that Zhamnov goal back.

Hull and Shanahan to Return to Blues?

Spectors KTRS sports commentator John Hadley reports the St. Louis Blues would’ve tried to reacquire Brett Hull from the Detroit Red Wings if he were available, claiming no one in the Blues organization denied his report. He’s now claiming that the Blues would try again to land Hull if “the Golden Brett” wished to retire as a Blue. Hadley also claim Hull and another former Blue, Brendan Shanahan, were “privately discussing” a reunion in St. Louis next season

Pluses and Minuses for the Eliminated Teams, 2nd round reactions, and Coaching!

The first round was quite interesting, some surprises, but no big upsets thus far. Good job for the eliminated teams to get into the playoffs in the first place. So, let’s give them recognition.

Second round has begun and so far…it’s been a blast!

Some changes to be made in the Coaching department.

Annnnnd….my message to Americans (US)