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Panthers Give Dudley the Axe — On the eve of game one of the Stanley Cup Finals, a Florida team is making a splash in the NHL, but it’s not the Tampa Bay Lightning.

So, what's scarier, Flames or Lightning? Jacques Going…? More…

So what is scarier in mother nature…..flames or lightning?

Jjjjjjjacques Martin narrowed his teams of interest down to three.

Few rumors for draft day.

Off-topic stuff….quite interesting too.

Does MLSE Care?

I was recently reading an article in an Ottawa newspaper, and it reafirmed my belief that Maple Leafs’ Sports and Entertainment does not care about their fans, nor the tradition and history of their hockey team.

Team Canada #2

This is a 2-in-1 article by Furlong19 & SimplyHabby on what would a Team Canada #2 would look like and if it would be competitive this summer…

Any suitors?

As any hockey fan knows, the 2004-05 season is up in the air. More importantly, so is the status of upcoming free agents. Will any team be able to go after any of the players that need new contracts? Can they afford to? How will they know?

Breaking News: Habs to enter the ''Kovalev Derby''!

The minute Montréal were eliminated, the most asked question in Hab-Town was ”With the CBA looming and all the teams potentially interested in his services, will the Habs try to resign Alex Kovalev?” It seems now that the answer is YES.

Could Iginla be the Next Gretzky?? (Not in the way you're thinking, though!)

The articles that I have recently been writing all have the underlings that the NHL is at a major turning point this year. With the CBA and the deal with NBC etc, this could be a huge make or break year for the NHL.

Deadline deals during the Cup finals?

Well,… not really … but many deals could arise in late June when the Entry Draft is set off to be not as strong as last year….. but a few sleepers are sitting in the shadows.

With the Lockout brewing in all sorts of story’s still, a few dumps for picks could just as well happen.

Many teams do have guys they still wanna deal … and many of them have replacements in there farm ready to move up.

Team USA Announced Today

Don Waddell and Larry Pleau announced today the USA roster for this summer’s World Championship

Flyers ground Lightning

All I can say is wow, what a game!

Los Tiburones

Since it seems nobody wants to post anything specific to the Sharks, I’ll take up their crusade.

USA on ice

Well theres been a Slovakia post, a Swedish post and two Canadian posts but nothing reguarding the US team that will be announced this weekend. In keeping with the spirit of the “who wants Gretzkys job” post I’ve come up with the south of the border equivalent.

Slovakia's Roster Revealed

Here’s the official roster that will represent Slovakia at the World Championship this summer…