Monthly Archives: May 2004

NHL Signs deal with NBC

I called this to happen earlier on and now it appears to have happened. The NHL has signed a 2 year agreement with NBC to take affect next year.

Flyers Done?

Lets face it guys. The Flyers are banged up and have KEY injuries, and it is beginning to show…

Ken Dryden leaves presidency to enter politics

According to Ken Ulmer of the Toronto Sun, Ken Dryden has officially stepped down as President of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Canadian PM Paul Martin has seduced Dryden into a political career, and Dryden has chosen to ally himself with the Liberal Party. The article can be found at :

How will the Lockout affect the Draft, FA Signings? Trades? Video Games?

I have a few questions that pertain to the potential lockout and how it will affect certain things. I am sure that I am not the only one with these questions.

Filling some voids?

Some interesting grumblings north of the boarder have been trickling down to the states. Both stories involve the senators.

Swed(ish) Redemption

Sweden announced there team today. Full of talent, full of captains and a full lot to prove.

When I think of Sweden I think of 2002 Olympics against Belarus. All these great players were stunned by a team of nobodys.

The ROAD Ice Advantage

Coming into the Conference finals, teams were winning at a nearly absurd rate at home. Over 75% winners, while skating on home ice. My how things change quickly.

Defensive blow for Philly

Flyers D-man Marcus Ragnarsson will miss the remainder of the playoffs, with a broken index finger. Rags was injured in Philly’s 4-1 loss on Thurday evening.

Team Canada

The roster was announced this morning, and I am very surprised but also happy with the way this team was put together.

Why the NHL has to smarten up until its too late

The NHL is heading into a lockout and unless it makes some MAJOR changes the NHL may go under.

Favorite Logos in Hockey

Well, the ball is rolling. Apparently there has been an abundance of inspiration caused by the best and worst article by hitznsticks. One of my favorite aspects of the hockey uniform is the logo. The colors are very important but to me the logo is the most interesting.

Who Wants Gretzky's Job?

Looking at this coming years Team Canada team, this might be the hardest team to pick in the history of hockey. There is at least 45 or so good Canadian hockey players that anyone could make an argument for to make this years team. This is a list of some of the players that will be considered for this year’s team.

What's Your Number?

Inspired by the recent article on Favorite Names, Uniforms, and Jerseys, It got me wondering what most people would put ON THE BACK of their jersey – What’s your Number?