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Got Beer?

The Tampa Bay Lightning have offered a new promotion- anyone who buys season tickets for 2004-2005 will be allowed unlimited consumption of beer, at all home games. As a matter of fact, they unveiled this promotion at Saturday’s game 2 loss to Philly, further offering anyone who was willing to drop a $100 deposit (for the upcoming season) free beer for the day (25 took them up on the offer, and I guess it started to pay off that day, during a 6-2 defeat)…..

The Effect of yanking the goalie

In watching the devastation of the “Boulin Wall” last night, this thought came to me- What is the overall effect on a goalie when he is yanked from a game that has gotten far out of control (in the playoffs)?

Not so surprising

I would put this under “Commentary” if possible, but there is no such topic, so Fans Rant will have to do.

Why is it when a team like Detroit or Colorado or New Jersey goes down in flames its such a “surprise?” Do fans NOT know what’s going on that it is called a surprise? Let me explain:

Jacques may sing New York, New York….What kind of changes for the eliminated t

I haven’t heard from my favorite media buddy, Bruce Garrioch, in such a long time. I was actually starting to miss him, however, not anymore because he once again steals money from SlamSports and the Ottawa Sun.

So everyone is talking change, but how much change?

Fairness of CBC with Don Cherry.

I’ll revisit my Stanley Cup Prediction of last year for this season.

Annnd… stuff.

A fun break, just before the the action resumes

Well, here we are, just about to get the conference finals rolling…. how ’bout we try to break up some of the tension on this site and have a little fun with an exercise?

"Clarke Bashers", I challenge you to prove me wrong!

As a Flyers fan who bleeds orange, I flew from LA to Toronto to watch
abortions known as game 3 and 4 of the hard-fought series between TO

Perezhogin Suspended One Year

“The American Hockey League has suspended Hamilton Bulldogs forward Alexander Perezhogin for the remainder of the playoffs and all of next season following a vicious stick swining incident in a playoff game last week.

Seems like Kovalev has 50,000 new friends!

Alex Kovalev is free to test the UFA market this summer but after he sees this, he might be tempted (even more) to stay with the Habs…

HTR/WOW PLAYOFF POOL – 2nd Round Rankings

Round 2 is over, time to ckeck out the HTR/WOW Playoff Pool rankings!!

Will There Really Be An Overhaul?

With the defeat at the hands of the #6 seed Flames, everyone in the hockey world is discussing the possibility of the Red Wings going into a rebuilding mode. Some players have played their last games in the Red and White, but I don’t see a major restructuring of this team happening. Next year’s lineup should look something like this.

Conference Finals

In an effort to separate the Teams in the Conference finals from the teams that just missed it’s time for a new article.

There IS a God

Joy to the world, Detroit is done! So is Colorado! only if Philadelphia would follow this would be a perfect scenario…why? Well, I’m a Devils fan and don’t like Philly, but more importantly…a SMALL MARKET BATTLE IS GOOD!!!

PART III – Who on HTR knows the most about Playoff hockey?

Well, who could have guessed the final four would be Tampa, Philly, Sharks, and Calgary when the playoff’s first started?

Not many as only 2 men made it to the second round by picking all 8 of 8 in the first round. But this time, in the second round Matteo who didn’t have the right picks in the first round, made the right picks in the second round.

Let’s go the the final 4, what are your 2 picks?