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If the Bruins trade Thornton, where could he go?

As we have been hearing, some are saying that Joe Thornton wants out of Boston. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen as we have yet to hear from Joe himself about his own status. Yes Thornton had a bad playoff, but would he be really that bad if he was 100%? And really they weren’t talking too much about his injury when the bruins were up 3-1 on Montréal, but since they lost, it was all his fault. A team with that kind of talent should have been able to at least win one of the final 3 games of that series. Face it; the entire team blew it, not just Thornton. I still think he is a franchise player worth keeping and I am sure alot of people feel the same way.

Lecavalier replaces injured Yzerman on World Cup Roster

The AP is reporting that Team Canada added Tampa forward Vincent Lecavalier to their roster on Sunday after Steve Yzerman informed the team that he would not be able to participate.

Sports Arguments… Functional Retards on Parade!

Here are three topics that seem to invite argument:

Devils Ink Richard Matvichuck

The New Jersey Devils shored up their defence on Monday, signing unrestricted free agent blueliner Richard Matvichuk, according to Sports Radio 1310 in Dallas.

Keep the Tweaking Going

Keeping with tradition, I would like to submit my opinions for some possible tweaks that the Toronto Maple Leafs could do this upcoming season.

First off, I will try to be realistic in my opinion of players and of possible deals to be made, so please feel free to comment with your own suggestions.

Take a look Mr Gainey, you want the Cup next year?

As I read earlier the “how to tweak your team” articles have come out of the woodwork. So I thought I would write an article about the steps Montreal may need to take to reach the “rebuilt” stage.

Salary Cap Illegal??

Although I find that most of what Toronto Sun columnist Al Strachan has to say is complete and utter verbal diarrhea, I am surprised there has been no talk of a recent article he wrote entitled “Hard Cap Proposal Unlikely To Succeed.”

Ten Moves The Rangers Need to Make to Make it Back to the Promised Land

Here’s a list of 10 moves I think the NYRangers should do to go in the right direction.

Esche to be Ready for World Cup

Looks like Robert Esche is a quick healer and is available to play for Team USA in this years World Cup.

Where They Will Go

There’s still many “big name” free agents left in free agency and here is where I think they will all go:

Ricci joins the Coyotes

TSN has learned that Mike Ricci is the next free agent on the market to switch teams, signing with the Phoenix Coyotes.

Canucks interested in Nedved

In 1990 the Canucks selected Petr Nedved with the second overall pick right behind Owen Nolan. Since that time Nedved has developed into a good NHL player, but not with the Canucks. However rumor has it that the Canucks are interested in Nedved.

No Salary Cap! Er…Wait…

With the current CBA running out on September 15th, 2004, the NHLPA is taking a stand against the cost certainty (that’s legalese for “salary cap”).

So…the players won’t play under a salary cap, right? Well, not exactly…