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Murray to Leafs a Done Deal?

Before I start to speculate I want to let everyone know that this rumor is 100% legitimate!

The Dominator to Touch Down in Ottawa on Tuesday

The Team 1200 is reporting that the Ottawa Senators will hold a press conference on Tuesday July 6th to make the worst kept secret in the NHL official.

Keanen era has begun

The Florida Panthers have signed defenceman Eric Cairns to a contract, Sportsnet has learned. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

The 30-year-old blueliner has spent his entire eight-year career in New York, two with the Rangers, six with the Islanders.

Lamoriello fails NJ again

Turner Stevenson just signed with the Philadelphia Flyers for 3 years. Now, If you’re a Flyers fan… rejoice, and if youre a Devils fan… get the picket signs ready.

Thornton wants out?!?

Many sources out of Boston have said that captain Joe Thornton is upset with management and he wants out. The front runners are believed to be the Los Angeles and Florida Panthers…

Flyers Sign Stevenson, Knuble

The Philadelphia Flyers announced on Saturday that they have signed 6’3”, 230-pound right wing Mike Knuble (kuh-NOO-buhl) and 6’3”, 220-pound right wing Turner Stevenson each to a three-year contract, according to General Manager Bob Clarke. Per club policy, financial terms were not disclosed. Knuble and Stevenson each became Group III unrestricted free agents on July 1.

Very Interesting Survey on the Game of Hockey (ALL RESPOND)

When you get into arguments with your friends about what the best sport is and why, when your answer is “Hockey is the best sport.” What is your reasonings. I`d like to have the best reason for why hockey is the best sport. So if you all would, respond with why you all think hockey is the best sport.

Will Keenan make the Panthers, or break them?

Since Mike Keenan has taken over as GM of the Florida Panthers, many rumors have come up. However, I can’t help but notice that nothing has happened yet…

Reasons to be Optimistic: What the Future Could Hold

The NHL has become a living model of ‘how not to run your business’, and has had more than it’s fair share of bad publicity with headlines like; goalies vs. goals, players vs. owners, the league vs. the fans, and most notably the recent headline, Bertuzzi vs. the people. It would appear that Gary Bettman is steering his ship off the edge of the earth. But with doom and gloom hanging over the league like a bad stench, there may be light at the end of a narrowing tunnel.

Let's get the party started!

Free Agent frenzy, one of my favorite time of the year, has begun and some notable signings already took place so far…

Could the Leafs be done? Maybe. Can the Leafs win? I doubt it

Great work by JFJ to resign Klee, Nieuwendyk, Belfour and Roberts. I say why not give these guys one last shot at it. With all those one year deals and Mogilny, Leetch, Nolan, Domi on their last deals next year, it would give the Leafs a chance to be competitive in a short year perhaps next year and a team that isnt tied to many contracts the following year when the new CBA is in place.

Sources question to everyone?

I am just wondering if anyone has any good hockey info websites?

I am just a hockey junky like most of you! Help.

Same Old Story, Same Old Song And Dance.

I hate to be cliche, and ripoff the title of an Aerosmith song, but for the Rangers this holds true. You’d figure that they’d learn by now not to dip into the UFA pool and come out with every name available.