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In The Eyes Of JFJ

If you’re interrested in what the leafs could do in the off-season and how they could do it check here.

Very long beware!!!

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Fedorov Out of Anaheim?

Sportsnet’s Hockey Hearsay reports There are rumours circulating that Mighty Ducks of Anaheim want to deal Sergei Fedorov.

Stanley Cup too heavy for flight ???

As the Stanley Cup makes its rounds this Summer with players & personnel of the Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning, as it does with every winning team each year, it goes through some unbelievable things. However, this may be a first.

I Would Pay to Watch Him Play

What NHL Player would convince you that he is worth watching at todays high ticket prices? I thought this might be an interesting topic to throw out there.

The Hockey News' Top 50 Players

As you probably know, each year the Hockey News releases a list of the top 50 players in hockey. This can spark some fantastic debate, so let’s see who made the list this year.

Leetch Coming Home.

Brian Leetch’s short playing time with Toronto has given him no time for Jelling with building a new home in Toronto

Now this may Drive Toronto fans crazy, but guess who will be coming HOME to New York?

Rumor has it that this lockout will be Brian Leech’s ticket back home.


We need a way to End this lockout because both sides are getting farther apart. Basically the bottom line question to all the fans on HTR is.

What’s best for the NHL?

1. Hard Salary Cap? 30-35 million a team

2. Soft Cap? 50-60 Million a team

3. No Cap but hard Taxing if over a certain number?

Pick one, it’s time for the fans to fix this problem.

Is Tom Poti As Bad As Everyone Thinks?

Ever since I joined this site, I have never heard any good things about Tom Poti. It seems like everyone hates him. Well i don’t.


Well, as we have seen the events of the past week unfold, watching Scott Niedermayer getting 7 million and Joe Thornton getting 6.75 million, I want to ask you, who would you rather have on your team?

Dissention in the ranks?

The NHL Players’ Association says it will never accept a salary cap for its members, and that was reiterated on Thursday in light of remarks made by 20-year NHL veteran Steve Thomas.

Swedes Time to Shine at the World Cup

StuWild writes- With the likes of Forsberg, Sundin, Lidstrom and Naslund, Team Sweden knows it can compete with the best the world has to offer and I look for them to win the World Cup which gets underway August 30th.

Sweden’s forwards are right up there with the other seven nations taking part in the competition.

Belfour out, Dafoe In???

Mojo Radio, AM640, and Q107 out of Toronto have all reported that Maple Leaf goalie Eddie Belfour is suffering from a bulging disc in his back and the Leafs are said to be interested in veteran goaltender Byron Dafoe.

From Brilliant to Bonehead

Strange Happenings seemed to be the appropriate topic title for this article. It doesn’t matter whether you watch games you have on video or if you have a mental rolodex that works like a Tivo box. In this article you can share the moments in hockey that you recall as being either brilliant or bonehead. Anything that involves the actions of fans, officials, commentators, coaching staff, ect ect ect is welcome.