Monthly Archives: August 2004

Reichel back to the Czech

According to Robert Reichel has signed with the Czech Republic.

Damphousse to the Rockies!

The Colorado Avalanche has signed today veteran UFA center Vincent Damphousse.

A Look At the Rangers

The Rangers have had a few offseason moves. With the signings of Strudwick and Nylander, and the re-signings of Puritan and Lundmark, the rangers are getting closer to what there final roster should be.

Greatest Games

No one will ever convince the majority Devils fan that Game 7 of the 1994 ECF was the “greatest game” of the rivalry. Likewise, I’ll try convincing a Canadian that the “Miracle on Ice” was the greatest hockey game EVER and he’ll tell me, “1972 Summit Series Game 8.” This is one of those fun debates that everyone loves to have AND is usually a “homer” about it.

Thornton awarded 6.75 million.

According to, Joe Thornton of the Boston Bruins has been awarded 6.75 million a year.

A little off season humor

This is an email that I received earlier today. It is a little funny and points out what is wrong with pro atheletes today. Don’t get me wrong, if someone is going to hand out the bucks take it but to argue over whether you will make 2 million or 4 million is completely absurd to me.

Oh yeah, this is long and the source of it is unknown but I don’t believe that it is copyrighted!!!

OSHL Is A Go!!

TSN reports that the OSHL (Original Stars Hockey League) is a go and will commence on September 18th if there is no CBA in place by the 15th.

Tampa Walks Away from Arbitration with Stillman

The Fan 960 is reporting in Calgary that Jay Feaster and the Tampa Bay Lightning walked away from Forward Cory Stillman in arbitration. The Arbitrater awarded Stillman $3.5 Million. With Tampa walking away, it makes Stillman an unrestricted Free Agent. This is the first time that in a while that a team has walked away from player arbitration.

Prospal Back To Tampa!

The Anaheim Mighty Ducks today traded center Vaclav Prospal back to his old team, the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The World Cup and its Importance to Hockey!

Has the word cup lost its luster from the Canada Cup days? Yes. Has the World Cup lost its luster from the last one eight years ago? Yes. Is its popularity loss directly attributed to the current woes of the NHL today? Yes. Has it lost its importance and excitement of play? No.

Berard Resigns

Tsn is reporting that Bryan Berard and the Chicago Blackhawks have agreed to a contract.

Pronger Out

Chris Pronger has withdrawn from the World Cup of Hockey, TSN has learned.

World Cup Team by team representation

World Cup team Representation

You can see NHL team depth in the representation of world class players attending the Cup in September.