Monthly Archives: August 2004

Leafs Resign Kaberle

TSN reports that the Toronto Maple Leafs have resigned Tomas Kaberle to a 2 year, $5.9 million dollar deal.

Nylander A Ranger

Free agent centre Michael Nylander has signed a multi-year deal with the New York Rangers, according to a report on

Tampa Bay Is Screwed – Hooray!

This is an example of something that is wrong with the market, something that prevents competition, and, in this case, helps soothe the nerves of one bitter Calgarian Flames fan.

Chara Gets a New Deal is reporting that the Ottawa Senators have re-signed their star defenseman Zdeno Chara to a 2 year 9.5 million dollar deal, thus avoiding arbitration.

What Would You Do?

This is a hypothetical exercise that is being concieved based purely upon my lack of anything to do at work(because I am so good at what I do that I did it all already… I swear). That and the fact that I think it could be pretty funny. What else do we really got to do, these UFA’s don’t seem to want to create much news. It relies on a simple premise given a set of extreme cir*****stances.

What would you do if your team won the cup in 2005 and…

Belfour gone… who to replace?

Hockey Canada announced today that Leafs Goal tender Ed Belfour will not be playing in the world cup of hockey due to a back probem. Now that means no leafs are on the roster. It also means we need another goalie so who will it be?

Sens sign 2 key players is reporting that the ottawa senators have avoided arbitration and signed 2 key players, chris phillips and peter schaefer.

phillips signed a 3 year deal worth near 8 mil and schaefer signed a 2 year deal worth 2.5 mil

Rico Rates Canada's Captains!

It’s not a case of who is the best and who is the worst, it’s a personal preference really but who do you think is the best captain in Canada?

Francis Bashing.

Let me get to the point. Anyone that is a true Pens fan would not bash the possibility of Francis becoming a Penguin once again. Or they have not been paying attention. Here are some reasons why.

Aucoin gets much deserved raise….Niinimaa gone??

Adrian Aucoin got awarded 4.25 million by an arbirtator and while the Isles aren’t walking away from that, they might walk away from Janne Niinimaa’s, leaving the Finn as a free-agent

Hull signs with Coyotes

TFP has learned that the Phoenix Coyotes have signed unrestricted free agent Brett Hull to a two-year contract.

Hull, who turns 40 on Aug. 9, was being courted by the Coyotes, Dallas Stars, St. Louis Blues and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Belfour for Salary Cap?

Several sources have reported that Leafs goalie Eddie Belfour is about to become a partner in the WHA’s Dallas Americans.

Ronnie the Franchise to be reunited with Super Mario?

The Pittsburgh Penguins may be considering bringing back Ron Francis next season.

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