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Time for Fans to Speak up and be heard

We all need to be pushed every now and then. When we are teetering on the fence and a push sends us down to the ground on the side we were leaning towards prior to the push. Not that the NHL or NHLPA is teetering on any fence. In fact they are both standing firmly on the grounds that they have each chosen which are situated on opposite sides of the fence. They are calling it a lockout. I am calling it an indefinite sentence of no televised hockey for the fans. We are at the pinnacle of a hockey situation of historically catastrophic proportion with no ambassador which is a monumental disappointment. The potentiality of there being no 2005 Stanley Cup Champion is growing every day. I find this to be an unspeakable outrage and I feel it has become time for the fans to speak up.

Won't these people just shut up?

So I’m watching TV last week and Hockeycentral comes on and does a feature story about what NHL referees are doing – Don Van Massenhoven was selling cars at a dealership and another ref was installing cabinets!

Brodeur Blabs About No Negotiation…

NJ Devil’s goalie Marty Brodeur is quoted on as saying how disappointed he is that the two sides in the CBA battle aren’t negotiating. We goes on to say the NHL is treating the players like “kids” and that it “wasn’t fair”.

CBA and Proposed Ideas

Well the season is far from being close to a start, so what should we do as fans?

How bad of an effect is the lockout causing?

What is going on with players flip-flopping? And, no reason to support both sides.

Some more ideas to propose to resolve the CBA? Anyone?

And….here’s something nice for you to do. If you had the opportunity to manage a new era of the NHL, what changes would you make? In other words….what kind of plans would you propose to make the game better, and how will you manage to do so?

Missing hockey?

Are you tired of all this cba talk? Are you wondering how you’re team would be doing four games into the season?

Do You Have Any Creative Rule Ideas???

Imagine you bring a friend to a Hockey game. The game ends in a scoreless tie and even OT could not produce a victor. It was an outstanding game despite the score. Each team exceeded 40 shots on goal and had countless two on one breakaways. There was even a few of those breakaways where the forwards went in one on one with the goalie in penalty shot fashion. In over time your team clanked the post three times in the last minute of play.

Kolnik Will Break From Union in an Impasse

Finally – A player making sense. Florida Panther’s forward Juraj Kolnik spoke up on saying that if the owners come to an impasse that he would suit up and play for the Panthers under a new CBA.

Could the Great one go behind the bench?

Would Gretzky cosider going behind the bench to coach the Yotes?

Through out his career he’s won every award there is to be won by a forward , A couple of times. 4 Stanley Cups , Olympic Gold , World cup, Canada cup etc……….

NHLPA's definition of

After hearing the NHLPA regurgitate over and over again that all they are looking for is a “fair” deal, I decided to check it out and see what their definition of the word “fair” actually means.

And now for something completely different…

Think of a crappy garage band playing the seediest bars in the city. At this point in time, the NHL doesn’t have much more prestige than a crappy garage band playing in a seedy bar. Hell, poker outdraws it on television, and crappy American cars driving around in circles for hours on end is more popular.

Expansion- Point, Counterpoints

Ever since I have been on this site, I have noticed how everyone hates expansion teams, and how everyone wants the league to make conditions so teams will have to fold. I agree with that, but after heavy thinking, I have come up reasons as to why 30 teams is a good thing.

Get Hockey Where You Can!!

In this Article I will share with you the University of Michigan Wolverines NCAA Div I Mens Ice Hockey team. This team boasts 14 players which have been drafted to NHL teams. Some come to the U of M team already drafted before ever even playing at the NCAA level.

Contraction: Yes or No?

Should there be contraction?

Gary Bettman says no because it isnt fair to the fans to take teams away. and in keeping with solidarity with all owners, he will never say yes to contraction because he would be turning his back on those he works for.