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Hey Hockey Fans,

I recently bought NHL 2005 for my Xbox and will be starting a Sim League for it in a few days. I will run a fantasy draft for the League. If you are interested in joining the Sim League, you can send an email to:

Ed Snider Speaks Out On CBA Impasse

Ed Snider Speaks Up About CBA

Flyers Chairman, Ed Snyder, spoke up today regarding the labor impasse with some of the most lucid comments regarding the riff between the NHL and NHLPA.

Snider said:

Roenick Makes Nice-Nice with Flyers Brass

Jeremy Roenick is known and loved for his openly and honest comments but as Flyers’ GM Bob Clarke said recently there is “no speed bump between JR’s brain and his mouth.”

So if they can't play hockey than what should our favorite players be doing?

The NHL has locked out our beloved NHLers. Poor poor players might soon need to collect food stamps, beg on some dingy Ottawa street corner, or gasp…GET A JOB!!

A 3rd Party Will Save Hockey.

Most of us see this lockout as something that will end and be over with some time or another. But if you look at this problem that the NHL now has with the NHLPA you see that the end is not very close.

It’s going to take an outside person, someone who can step up and save the Game of hockey and never be forgotten as the man who saved the game.

Who could make an impact on this lockout?

5 Questions

Here are 5 burning questions that I would like to hear your answers to.