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Top 10 Teams of The Modern Day NHL

Often through this miserable winter with no hockey I have found myself going to more and more. Right now having very little to talk about the website is having the greatest team “Quest for The Best” tournament. Even though my team (the oilers) are still in the mix I am disgusted with some of the results. I am not going to get into it all but one thing is for sure the 92-93 penguins should not be in the final 4. They didn’t even make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, or even the final 4. Maybe I am just bitter because they are currently beeting the 84 Oilers 3 games to 2. But this gave me an idea, since i have no idea how i would be able to rank teams that i have never seen play i am going to keep this in our generation. So here is my Top 10 teams of the last 25 years.

I hope that you enjoy and look forward to some critisism.

Unknown is the road not traveled.

Does a CAP guarantee the NHL prosperity? That calls for speculation.

Bringing in Heavy Reinforcements

Further evidence the NHLPA isn’t as united as has been reported is evidenced by the fact that Mario Lemieux has been involved in behind the scences posturing of the players union.

NHLPA Reportedly Still Stuck on

The NHLPA and NHL met yesterday for the second straight day with the same predictable gloom and doom media spin. Reportedly the offer on the table was a sort of spending minimum and a $42,000,000 hard cap. No tax was being offered to the NHLPA.

NHL's Proposal not good enough?

Story from TSN talks about some of the “propsals” that the league put forth to the PA.

Summer Hockey?!?! Good or Bad?

Thought provoking…

The only solution that has a chance

There are points to be made on both sides of who is to blame for this mess. Unfortunately, I think both sides, and most observers, are missing the real point to all of this.

Sick And Tired of People Ripping into the NHLPA

Most of the info in this article has been recycled many times over, but I had to get it off my chest.

NHL To Make Another Offer To NHLPA

The NHL, who has been spinning hard since last week’s “informal” meetings with the NHLPA reps, is reportedly going to make another offer to the players with the hope of saving the season.

Voice your opinion to the NHLPA

My opinion has always been that the players are trying to live beyond the means of the current state of hockey in the US and Canada. That these players should be more than happy to play here in North America for an average salary of 1.5 mil, and players such as Bryan McCabe and Bill Guerien need to get their head out of their a$$ and realize how lucky they would be to do that.

All the Optimism has been shot down.

Just a short period ago, there was renewed optimism throughout the hockey world. However, this is no more.

Bill Guerin Speaks on ESPN Radio

I thought leaving work 30 minutes early would start my weekend off on a good note but I was wrong. Upon coming out of my office’s parking garage ESPN Radio was tuned to my Sirius system and the hosts were interviewing Dallas Stars player and VP of the NHLPA, Bill Guerin.

1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . PULL!

Join in. If we all do it, we might just be able to . . .