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Bettman and Some Owners at Fault not Just the Players

I hope I am not alone in putting the blame not only on the players but also mainly on Bettman and a few owners who dont deserve to have teams like Nashville, Atlanta, Carolina, Florida. They are the ones that Bettman is going through all this trouble for.

Problems with the proposed 6-year deal?

Reportedly the deal that is being discussed is a 6-year hybrid agreement.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks – Season Preview

I was going to do this on corel word perfect and post it in September, but the lockout was called. With the high level of optomism, I feel it’s time to start making predictions, which are sure to make every single one of you yell at me.

Agreement in Sight?

Could the ugly lockout finally be coming to an end? Sources in Ottawa and around the league think so.

8-Year deal in the works?

As reported by, the NHL and the NHLPA could be close to agree on a eight-year deal…

Marketing the New NHL

How would you market the new NHL? Let us assume that the NHL resumes in 2005-06(at some point).

PA invites NHL back to table…

Little information thus far, heres whats availableTORONTO — In response to media inquiries, the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) confirms that it contacted the National Hockey League (NHL) today inviting them to have discussions on a small-group basis. No new proposal is being made by the NHLPA. The location of this meeting is not being disclosed.

My Lockout Solution…And Drafting Sidney Crosby…

The NHL Lockout… 🙁

It gets more depressing every minute of every day as it carries on. Today marks day 123 of the NHL lockout, thus so far cancelling 640 games. My solution is very similar to the TSN solution, but just a few minor tweaks:

When the 2005 Season Starts Who Will Be A Fantasy Steal?

Make no mistake, I mostly blame the NHLPA with special emphasis on player agents for the mess the NHL is in today. Their greed is disgusting and their lack of respect for the overall game is even worse. Nevertheless, Bettman should take a good heaping of responsibility for the problems in the league as well.

NFL has got it down

I am curious why there has not been any talk about adopting the NFL system of franchise players…

There is no write or wrong answer to this!

This is a subject matter that is certain to have its fare share of difference in opinion. Someone asks you a question and you will likely think first about how factual the subject matter is before you share your answer. If you are asked what does 1+2 equal? Your answer should be 3 and you shouldn’t find anyone debating you on that answer.

What's the Haps on the 05?

This is for the NHL 2005 game. I know most of you have it. So what’s the best team you’ve built on Dynasty mode so far? I will judge all posts and post a top ten.

Note to the mis(un)informed

I’m kind of at a loss. For the life of me I cannot decipher why the majority of public opinion continues to not only favour the owners, but their support continues to grow. I, literally, spend at least an hour a day continually checking for updates on the lockout, albeit there’s been little to be updated on recently, just ask Mr.Bettman.