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Bettman Can't Be Happy With This Statement From Canes Owner

Peter Karamanos is quoted today saying that the season is basically lost and that he believes the fans will come back when there is a cost certainty.

Bettman's strategy

In this whole lockout situation the only thing we see is the owners totally ripping the NHLPA and setting up the public to view the players as overpaid whiners.

Quit blaming just the owners for this mess

I read an article by Al Strachan (biggest idiot in the world). He sarcastically blames the owners and accuses them of spending stupidly.

Theo wants to play

Theoren Fleury is my all time favorite player, and although choices he’s made in life may not have been perfect, he was a great player, and truly loved the game.

Capitals might be worried

Last night’s gold medal game pitted two phenoms at either end of the ice, bot who would be in the NHL today… if we had one.

Leafs Cupless due to bad GM's

This is not going to be an article saying the Leafs will win the cup this year and every other year. Instead, I am getting to the root of Leafs woes.

Coyotes for sale?


The majority owner of the Phoenix Coyotes has reportedly put the hockey club up for sale.

Pain is Temporary and Glory is Forever

Pain is Temporary and Glory is Forever. If you have not heard this slogan then you have now. It is used to entice people into risking ones personal safety for one moment of glory.

Should Todd Bertuzzi be allowed again on NHL ice?

After threatening to injure Steve Moore, then breaking the NHL player’s neck, Canucks star Todd Bertuzzi has plea bargained to a $500 fine and community service by a hometown judge. The judge declined to postpone the hearing until Moore, the victim, could attend.

Where would the Free Agents Go?

We may have a season, if Bettman and Goodenow can get off their ego trips and get a deal done. At least they are meeting with eachother. Being the optimist, I think there may be a season but there is much to do such as where will all those free agents go?

Not Another Lockout Article!

There have been many articles that have been written about the economic impact of the NHL lockout on the owners and players. Unfortunately, these are the only articles that ever get posted, but TSN’s That’s Hockey gave me a little insight into another perspective regarding the economics of the current labor strife.

2006 Olympics (If Pro's can go) – Canadian Edition

I have been here for just over two years under various user names, and remember the talks about the 2002 Olympic team. Now we must look and think, as 2005 opens in 5 hours and 45 minutes, the Winter Olympics are a year, a month and two weeks away, and the team must be assembled within 1 year, and if the rules are the same as 02, they have to name eight players in March.