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What needs to Change? Take Over the NHL Yourself.

What needs to change in order for the league to move forward and get a deal done for next season? There are also many other questions in need of the answer for the game of Hockey.

Now it’s your turn to tell us what we should do from here on out.

Countdown, Gone in 60 Minutes

Will there be a final effort, and how good does that number 49 look?

As Good as it Gets

As we all sit here agonizing over these last hours, it strikes me that, without a season, this is our “finals”. This moment right now is as exciting as it’s gonna get this year. This excruciating, pitiful, disgusting moment that we are suffering through right now is as good as the NHL gets for 2004-2005. This is all the “thrill” that we’re going to get from the coolest game on earth this year.

BREAKING NEWS: NHLPA Makes counter-offer!

According to, the NHLPA rejected the 42,5M$ CAP proposal from the NHL only to make yet another counter-proposal.

The NHL's FINAL Offer – Could The Players Say No?

From Eklund, the blogger here’s the official letter from Gary to Bob.

So What if It's Over!? ***MAYBE!?*** Updated, v2.1

Who cares, as if we did not see this coming? This was bound to happen due to the decision made by the NHLPA back in 1999.

NHLPA stays cowardly hidden from the media and fans, and a great person made my wish come true.

Also, what can we expect now?

Update: Myabe it’s not over, but why should the NHL reject the $52M salary cap?

Well what do you know, some players are surprised!”

Expect nothing until January 2006

There are several reasons why there will not be a 2004-05 NHL season. The main reason is that NHLPA president Bob Goodenow does not want, under any cir¢umstance, for there to be a season.

Which players do you respect/disrespect the most?

With players going to play over in Europe, as well as players suffering from verbal diarreah, we have all come to form an opinion about them. Well I ask you to list which players you have come to respect, if any, and which you can not tolerate?

New NHLPA Offer Says Blogger Eklund

Put as much weight into Eklund, the mysterious blogger, as you want but nobody can argue he isn’t the most optimistic of any of the media covering the NHL. He has been right about meetings, offers and much more along the way so he gets SOME cred from me.

Post your Impasse Knowledge!

OK I have heard bits and pieces of stuff, mostly about Canadian Labor law re: the declaration of an impasse.

The score

I was just on and It said that bill daily told headline sports in canada that the NHL is willing to negotiate a cap without linkage.

I wish Bill Guerin would Shut Up!!!!

In the past few weeks I have commented on articles and written a few myself criticizing the owners and specifically Gary Bettman. Though I also blame the players for this mess, I have been more critical of Bettman and his horrible job as commissioner.

Wal-Mart Offers Bob Goodenow a Lesson In Modern-day Business Reality

News flash for Bob Goodenow and the players of the NHL – UNIONS are officially over on many levels.