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February 15th Deadline

The CBC has reported that Gary Bettman is placing a February 15th deadline on the NHL season.

Top 10..

For a brief reprieve from the NHL Lockout, we present from the home office in Kingston, Ontario..

NHLPA Rejects Yet Another Offer From NHL

Breaking news (or not so breaking news for fed-up and tired hockey fans) the NHLPA has quickly rejected yet another offer from the NHL today as the two sides met in secret.

What to do and where to go from here

Hockey fans all across North America who are still hanging in there, hoping that a NHL season will happen this year should be praised. We are a dedicated bunch that has not been recognized by either the NHL or the NHLPA. It seems that that fans have been completely forgotten about by both sides like we don’t even exist. What can we do? Are we powerless?

Proof That The Lockout Must End

Obviously, even when there is a full NHL season, hockey fans are, to put it politely, eccentric.

Ducks on Life Supports…or another NHL act

TSN is reporting that the NHL might purchase the Ducks if Disney tries to under sell them. Could the Ducks be on their way out? I hope so. Do I believe it? It’s hockey, I’m from Toronto, no matter what I want, it will NEVER HAPPEN!

Our Loss is Europe's Gain?

Well with the fans here in America and Canada struggling to watch classic NHL games, college games or other various leagues games European leagues have been benefiting from the use of our NHL players. There are roughly 419 current or former NHLers playing in different leagues throughout Europe. There is no doubt that ticket sales have gone up in those leagues due to the NHLers. So for the owners and fans this is a dream come true.

Get up! Stand up! Protest the lack of hockey coverage in the NY area

After this weekends Superbowl the sports season, in my mind is over for 2005.

Aside from the NFL there is NOTHING that comes close to filling the void of a lost hockey season.

Meeting Ended!

The meeting just ended.

Viva La Rejection!

NHL Proposal Rejected, I Reject Players

This has gone too far and I just about had ENOUGH with this and with many hockey fans who are siding with the simple minded player$.

NHL and NHLPA Meet on Thursday With the Big Guns!

In a release prepared by the NHLPA after today’s meeting the following was said…

A look at the proposal

Here is the proposal that has been submitted by the NHL to the PA today.

New Proposal Coming From the NHL

Somebody needs to give the blogger, Eklund, some credit because he had this deal public last week on his insider site.