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Devils prospects in the Frozen Four

Odin be praised for David Conte.

While reading about the NCAA Ice hockey Championships I noticed that we have three Devils’ prospects – right wing James Massen (North Dakota, WCHA), right wing Barry Tallackson (Minnesota, WCHA), and center Travis Zajac (North Dakota, WCHA) – remain alive in the quest for the NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Championship title.

The Latest Talks on the Lockout, The Frozen Four, and more

Since when does the NHLPA end a meeting quietly?

They are not lawsuits, but complaints filed by the NHL against the NHLPA.

Are NHLPA supporters actual hockey fans?

The Frozen Four, good matches and a shift into prospect talks.

Should the USA hockey team include this one very popular player for the World Cup? He is not US born.

And another hockey game review.

Why the World Hates the Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs here in Canada are not only the most loved franchise around but also the most hated. They are even hated in some parts of the States like Long Island and Philadelphia. Why is that? Why does the world hate the Leafs so much? There are several reasons:


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Bettman Files Complaint Over

Gary Bettman is not messing around after having mud thrown in his face by the NHLPA.

First Official HTR HOCKEY QUIZ!

Think you know hockey? PROVE IT!

NHL Cancels Most Anticipated Player Draft In Sport's History

Man, I didn’t see this one coming. The NHL, claiming an unwillingness to block out hotel rooms in Ottawa despite having a $300,000,000 war chest of funds, said that they will cancel this year’s entry draft.

Curses in the NHL???

I’ve noticed a few things going on in the last few years. And since the Bambino curse (Go Yankees Go) is over with, I figured it would be best to talk about some new curses.


I don’t feel that to suggest the NHL should consider the use of replacements will help to do anything more than to try to spook the NHLPA into thinking they should sign a CBA before its to late and they become replaced.

Rumors From Around The League

RUMORS ARE BACK!! YAY!!! Here’s what I’ve heard, and my take.

HTR HOCKEY QUIZ: Reminder + Official Prizes

This is to remind you that the first official HTR HOCKEY QUIZ will take place in 2 days from now: THURSDAY MARCH 24

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2005 Mantaray NCAA Ice Hockey Challenge

My friends and fellow warrior-brethren:

Not having any NHL hockey is most depressing.

I miss the sparring, cajoling and the other passions that our game evokes. In so, I open a challenge among my fellow hockey enthusiasts.

Gooden-dough Up to his Old Tricks

You might think that the fact an NHL season has been lost, there’s the very real possibility of replacement players being used, there’s a good chance teams may go under and the union will lose jobs might have some effect on Goodenow – of course you’d be dead wrong.

The league met today and what they talked about has already been released. Read on for more…