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Wow Baseball Season Preview Update

Here is an update on the Wow Baseball season preview.


NHL Offers Up Two More Proposals To Luke Warm Response From Union

The NHL offered up two new proposals today to the NHLPA union. The first was a 37.5 million dollar hard cap and the second was more of a return to the linkage system that the owners have wanted all along.

Death of Tradition

I visit this site everyday, even though I disagree with many of the opinions posted here. I don’t post much, partly because of that, but also because I’m slow to get to the news. That’s why I’m surprised no one has said anything about this yet.

Bruins experiment with rules changes

“Bruins bosses Harry Sinden and Mike O’Connell a few weeks ago called up the entire Providence Bruins squad to Boston, essentially tossed the rule book in the trash can, altered the lines on the ice, and looked for new ways to open up the game. The most radical alteration was moving the blue lines closer to the nets, in theory creating smaller offensive zones.

HTR Hockey Quiz: Infos

Here are the infos you want to know concerning the first HTR Hockey Quiz that will crown the best hockey mind of HTR.

The Quiz will be posted THURSDAY MARCH 24 and participating members will have a maximum of 24 hours to submit their answers to the following email adress:

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby…

right round, like a record, baby…

According to the always quote-worthy Jeremy Roenick, the whale might be on the loose once again.

Experts Look: WoW Needs Some Help

Don’t worry, this isn’t a “come-back” for me here at HTR.

But more of a request of HTR’s “member” to give input on what can be done to help improve HTR’s “sister-site”

So please give your thoughts…..

If the Lockout ends….

If the Lockout ends, where would each team stand?

Here is a look at each team for the upcoming 2005-06 season if there is one. Included is team payroll, number of players signed for next season and team owner(s).

Great One Broadway Bound? Again?

Jim Dolan, hated owner of the New York Rangers, wants Wayne Gretzky to return to the Rangers next year. But not as a player.

ESPN sticks with NHL

According to Minor the NHL and ESPN have come to an agreement that will see ESPN as the #1 hockey station in the states for the 05/06 season.

Wow Baseball Season Preview

I know we all miss hockey but I think by now we all know we won’t be see any NHL this year or maybe not even next. But if you’re like me you watch more then one sport, which brings me to the reason I’m doing this article. As you may or may not know the new MLB season is getting close. I’m an admin on Wow Baseball and we are looking at/hoping to do a HTR style season preview.

Devil's Advocate: Goodenow is right, Bettman is wrong

Almost everyone who is on this site, including myself, any many others have been on the side of the owners and feel it is the players who have caused the most problems that eventually led to this lockout and cancelled season. But let’s look at it from a different point of view to play devils advocate.

New Meeting Set, Burke Talks More, Is Larry Brooks in Trouble!? And more…

Another meeting to occur this week, what could happen?

How united are both sides? Brian Burke gives another interesting talk to a radio show.

Is Larry Brooks of the New York Post in TROUBLE? This is a good one.

I have thought about it and I may have figured out the NHLPA’s plan B.

My general game reviews of ESPN NHL 2K5, and EA Sports NHL 2005. Also the new game of the year, at least in my opinion.

And finally, a ridiculous story reported by member adambuffalo.