Monthly Archives: May 2005

Alexander Frolov the New King to Lead LA

When we think of Russian hockey we think of guys from the Summit Series like Kharlamov and Tretiak. Or we think of guys like Fetisov Krutov, Larionov, Makarov that dominated the 1980s internationally. Or we think of the influx of Russian players to the NHL in the 90s such as Mogilny, Bure and Fedorov that paved the way for all Russian born players to make it to the NHL. Today we have the likes of Kovalchuk and Ovechkin who are to carry the torch for Russian hockey in the future.

Minnesota Wild for the Wild

The State of Minnesota is one of the best when it comes to Hockey. It’s passion for the game is very similar to that of a Canadian Province. Despite the fact the NHL overexpanded, they did do the right thing bringing back a team to Minnesota. And they have not disappointed. The Wild are among the tops in attendance and have great support not only in the city they play in but in the entire State. And they should show their support. The Wild have one of the better up and coming teams around.

Stars Realigned

After a cup win in 1999 and a finals appearance the following year, the Dallas Stars have faded and have since fallen from being one of the top teams in the Western Conference. Key players departing and some poor transactions have led to their downfall.

Paying the Price for Winning

Since their move to Colorado from Quebec, the Avalanche have been one of the leagues most successful franchises. They have won all but one division title, 2 stanley cups and sell out every game as fans flock to see a team filled with several star players.