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Bob Goodebyenow, General Hockey Talks, HTR Season Preview Talk (Important)

Na-na, na-na-na-na….. hey hey hey…. Goooooooooooodbyenow!

Will Burke trade his 2nd overall?

Will the Leafs REALLY make changes?

Will Joe Thornton stay a Bruin?

HTR 2005-2006 Season Preview, quite important to read for members who frequently submit articles.

Bob Goodenow is done

According to Bob Goodenow is to step down as Executive Director and General Counsel to the players union. The decision followed after discussions with the players associations excutive commitee.

The Cap vs. The Leafs, The sad reality

The salary cap is more of a harsh reality than some people realize. I will use the Leafs as an example because they are the most oft-discussed team around here and the team I am most familiar with.

Ducks Shopping 2nd Pick, Federov Stays a Duck

It looks like the rumour of the Ducks taking Gilbert Brule at #2 in the draft will not happen. In fact, the Ducks might not take anyone at #2.

Player Signings

The teams are starting to get their roster as owners begin to sign there players, although they may have to sign for less.

Flyers make a statement

Bobby Clarke sign Mike Richards and Jeff Carter today, the Flyers 2003 first round draft picks. This comes as no surprise as every Flyers fan has been waiting for this since the signing period opened. What makes these signings really stand out is the contracts they signed. The contracts Richards and Carter signed contain NO PERFORMANCE BONUSES .

Hatcher back in Dallas?

TSN Reports that Hatcher, who was recently bought out by the Red Wings, may be coming back to Dallas.

Fairly Compensated

Ottawa has been compensated for their loss of a true entry draft this season. Some may moan about the loss of seeing Sidney Crosby slip on his first NHL jersey in the Corel Centre, but it is the fairest possible way for the NHL to give back.

Rumours from Coast to Coast and Everywhere in Between

Here are some more rumours going around as we near the draft and the free agency season.

In Anaheim, the Ducks are looking to shop the 2nd overall pick and are looking at getting either another first rounder and a player or an established player that will make an impact. i could see them wanting an offensive minded blueliner or could this pick be packaged for Bertuzzi?

Goodbye To The F-Bombs?

This just in….

Free Agent Rumours

With just a few days until the free agent signing period begins, here are the latest rumours for the biggest names soon to be on the market:

Leafs Will Get Somebody But Definitely Not Everybody

The biggest argument among members of HTR is who will or will not end up with the Toronto Maple Leafs. This argument will never die. No matter who the player, they have been rumoured to come to Toronto. And on the flip side, no matter who the player, they have zero chance of ending up with the Leafs.

Modano in the valley?

Reports out of TSN say that if Mike Modano were to walk away from the Dallas Stars, he would be very interested in a deal in the valley of the Sun.