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What will it take for Thornton?

More rumors started circulating, this time out of the Boston globe, that Thornton next year could be a Panther, a Leaf, or a Red Wing. But what REALLY would it take to get Jumbo Joe?

Ovechkin, O'Neill, OTR — Latest News

Some more news from the NHL has come out, concerning a phenom, a producer, and a talk show. Here is the latest news:

Ratification, Crosby, Trade Rumors, HTR Plans

Will it be Ratified?

Where will Crosby end up? You make the guess.

The trade rumors are already getting on my nerves.

And…… HTR plans. A couple of things I want to tell HTR members regarding the site.

Rocks Rumours: New US TV Deal? and a New Schedule

The popular American Network NBC has a 2 year contract to broadcast NHL games this year, but many fans in the United States still believe that the deal signed for NBC isn’t strong enough to promote hockey back to the United States.

Draft Lottery to be held behind closed doors

According to Eklund, the draft lottery will take place behind closed doors at the Board of Governor’s meeting, with the results to be made public at the press conference for the league after the players ratify the new CBA.

This supports the rigging theory which would allow Crosby to join a big market team to gain more attention and hopefully more revenue for the league. Even though I don’t think the NHL lottery was ever held publicly or televised, this is interesting to think about. I think it would be a shame if he ended up on a low market team like Buffalo or Carolina.

Neidermayer to the Leafs?

Scott Neidermayer was on the fan 590 yesterday and had some interesting things to say.

Wouldn't Hurt the Leafs to Stay Old

The time has obviously come for the Maple Leafs to start thinking about the future. We can see that the team is no longer going to neglect that part of the game with the moves they have made. No they have not yet acquired any top young players but they have set themselves up for that to happen by putting in place a strong scouting staff. With input coming from the likes of John Ferguson, Shawn Simpson, Craig Button, Barry Trapp, Mike Penny, Pat Quinn, Paul Maurice this area of their organization has greatly improved. In a few years the Leafs may start to reap the benefits of their hard work and dedication to the process.

Buyouts Beware

The list of unrestricted free agents is long but may get longer as teams will be trying to get their own house in order. in doing so they will be buying out many of their own players. Here is some players who may get cut.

It's Not Done After Number One

Although there are 30 teams in the National Hockey League clamouring for the first pick in the projected entry draft on July 30th in Ottawa, only one team can get it, and therefore Sidney Crosby. But Sid the Kid is not alone in this draft.

Senators Offseason Preview

The Ottawa Senators were an exception to the rule. Under the old CBA, they were able to assemble a highly competitive team with a low payroll. Many believe that a team with so much young talent like Ottawa will suffer under this new CBA, however, this is not true. This team will be better than it was before. Here is what you can look forward to this offseason from the Senators.

Lindros getting attention

For a long time it’s been figured that at the end of the 2004 season Eric Lindros would become a Leaf. A summer went by, and though more and more rumors came out, nothing was official, but that could be because of three other teams possibly courting “The Big E”.

Rocks Return: Rumors and Rumblings

According to reports out of Detroit, Red Wings General Manager Ken Holland is most likely buying out the rest of Goaltender Curtis Joseph’s contract, and possibly re-signing goaltender Chris Osgood to share the duties with Manny Legace. One other scenario is Kenny buys out both Joseph and Legace and brings in Khabibulin and a prospect or a lower priced goalie. Khabibulin is considered the best unrestricted free agent goalie in this years pool, and may be willing to sign for a bit less to have a run at another Stanley Cup.

Possible starting line up

I heard today on the fan 590 in Toronto that JFJ has been given the ok to cut whoever he wants and replace them with whoever he wants…as long as he stays under the cap of course. To me that’s good news for Toronto. Ill tell you what I think they should do, and please feel free to tell me what you think: