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The Forgotten & Restricted Class of Free agents

There are still free agents available for teams who have the cap room or trade bait.


The latest Salary cap update from TSN. This is purely fact, with no speculation.

NHL releases U.S. Television schedule

NBC, and OLN released today the schedule of the U.S. Nationally televised NHL schedule, and both schedules have one thing in common: There is hardly any Canadian team on it.

Does not

The Toronto Maple Leafs get laughed at alot for only “honoring” numbers, instead of retiring them. Right now there are only three numbers a Leaf can’t wear. 99, because Gretzky’s number is retired league wide, 6 for Ace Baily, who is the reason the all star game was started, and number five, the number of the legendary Bill Barilko, who’s story is famous around Leaf Nation.

Pilar's Heart Condition Returns

According to tsn, a czech paper claims that Pilar’s heart problems are back, and that he will miss at least a couple months.

This leaves a bit of a hole on the leafs defence, and also pretty much kills the rumors floating around about Pilar being traded. Who would want to trade for someone with what is now a reacuring heart problem who can’t play till Christmas?

How Clarke learned the Cap.

On Daily News Live in Philly Monday, Bob Clarke discussed how he learned how to deal with cap. Though he said he was still confused about aspects of it (“as are most GM’s”). Clarke and the Flyers got a hand from one the best cap teams in NFL, Joe Banner and the Eagles.

Théodore's Deadline?

According to Mr. Jean Pagé from the Quebec TV show ”110%”, the Théodore clan has given Bob Gainey until 18h00 (HTR note: We presume it is tomorrow) to accept the request of 22.5 million for a 4-year contract. Big news from Montréal, soon?

Potential Stars in the

The rule changes to the NHL will largely benefit some of the faster, more agile players.

by Bardia Sinaee

Update on HTR Season Preview: We’re behind schedule, though not much to worry about as I am positive it will be released in time.

I know many of you sent applications, and the number was overwhelming. So, after selecting some writers there are still a number of positions left and I am willing to re-take applications.

Team positions available: New Jersey, Boston, Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo, Carolina, Washington, St. Louis, Chicago, Minnesota, Dallas, Tampa Bay and Anaheim. Any questions PM me, thank you, Micki Peroni.

Gill signs qualifying offer.

Reporting on Boston Bruins website. Hall Gill has signed in one year qualifying offer. Great news.

The Bruins need to sign Razor their Calder winning goalie, and top notch d-man Boynton, and then they will be looking sweet.

I Predict a trade coming. B’s are getting close to their cap. Any thoughts?

Too Much Money For Too Little.

After reading H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS’ latest article, I thought why not reverse his idea?

The Most Overpaid Player Signings Of The Free Agent Market 2005.

Steal of the Free Agent Market 2005?

Quite simply, this question goes out to everyone. Who do you think was the steal of the 2005 free agent market?

In my opinion, there were 3 steals of the 05 free agency market this year:

Hockey Pools

I’ve struggled to find alot of good free hockey pools on the internet. So far nothing beats yahoo’s pool and I was wondering if anyone had any good websites for good hockey pools. Personally I would love to see one come to HTR. So let’s post good sites and help everyone who is looking for a good pool out.

Cap Casualties

As most of us know there is a group of about 10 or so NHL teams either over the salary cap or running out of wiggle room. Most of these teams still have a handful of roster positions to fill and very little money to work with.