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Mad Mike gone… Mad!

New York Newsday reports that Mike Milbury might have offered a 15 year contract (yes 15, not 5) worth 67,5 million dollars to his goalie Rick DiPietro. Insurances coverage (The NHL covers up to 5 years on a contract, longer than that is the player responsability) made the deal too much of a risk for goaltender DiPietro to accept it, though.

Tried to stay serious while reporting this news, tried.

The HTR Member Awards: Lockout Edition

On HTR during the lockout, there were several members keeping us alive over the winter. Now here it is, the HTR Member Awards: Lockout Edition

A look at some of the sleeper picks of this NHL season

Now I am in a couple of Fantasy Hockey leagues and the drafts are not too far around the corner. It got me wondering as to who will be some of the sleeper picks or have a “breakout season”.

Every year there are guys that virtually come out of no where to have a great season and continue doing so in the NHL for years to come. There are a few players that are my pick as this years sleepers and if available in your draft you might want to think about picking them up.

Datsyuk Signs with Dynamo Russia

According to a Russian Newspaper, Pavel Datsyuk has signed within the Russian League for an undisclosed amount.

However, there is an exit clause in that contract that allows him to leave any time during the season, hence voiding his contract.

“I think I am worth at least what (Dany) Heatley or (Joe) Thornton got from their deals,” Datsyuk told the Russian media.


How not to look stupid in a hockey discussion

Hey, don’t laugh… I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately, and some people out there really need to read this!

Ryan Smyth and Bondra both rumored to be in the Flyers sights!

There are two big names being mentioned in Flyers circles lately. One has been mentioned for a while now and it’sPeter Bondra, whom Clarke has denied on several occasions to be interested in. (Which makes it that much more believable considering his habit of denying one thing and doing the exact oppisite)

The other is a relativly new one regarding a possible Ryan Smyth for Michal Handzus trade…


We all have our thoughts, opinions and biases as to which teams have improved, which are sure-fire playoffs bound, and which are bound for a miserable season. But although a fan, I like to think and try my best to be one of the apparent minority that takes and makes well-founded criticism of his own team. And is that type of thinking that has led me to think about the articles that have been posted here on people’s take on how teams will fair. My thoughts are that given all being equal from other years we could answer these questions with a higher degree of accuracy, but so much has changed that in all truthfulness, we have to wait.

Is Now the Time to Deal Sundin?

As a Leaf fan I have watched Mats Sundin roar up and down the ice for almost 11 years. Hard to believe that it has actually been that long, but in that time, time and time again I have had to defend Sundin to a wide range of critics.

Unbiased opinions

Reading an article by tacitus regarding his perception of hockey fan stereotypes gave me an idea for this article. I realized that there is one thing all fans have in common – we all think our team is the best. Whether we feel they are underrated, robbed because of injuries, or whatever. We feel we are the best – and rightfully so (we should feel this way).

A tribute to one of the greatest athletes in sports history!

Recently a story was posted pertaining to the possible retirement of two hockey greats Scott Stevens and Mark Messier. This article got 16 comments! SIXTEEN COMMENTS PERTAINING TO THE RETIREMENT OF ONE OF THE GREATEST ATHLETES AND ABSOLUTE GREATEST LEADER IN ALL OF SPORTS MARK MESSIER!! In this day and age of Hockey Trade where a rumor of the Leafs signing Marius Czerkawsk…how ever you spell his name gets 310 comments how does the retirement of an undeniable all time legend get packaged with another news item and only get 16 comments? So I want to do the Moose justice and Give Mark Messier the tribute he deserves.

Isles trying to deal Parrish

On Thursday night, Islanders general manager Mike Milbury sent out a fax to 29 general managers seeking offers for Parrish, who is a restricted free agent and will be unrestricted next summer. Parrish last month declined his $1.786-million qualifying offer….

Ilya Kovalchuk signs with Khimik Voskresensk of the Russian League.

Don’t know if anyone reported it, but in the transaction section (NHL movements) on website, it states that Kovalchuk signed with the Khimik Voskresensk of the Russian League yesterday. Just wondering if any one knows if it is true.


According to, Goaltender Jose Theodore just agreed on a 3-year deal with the Canadiens.

Details to come.