Monthly Archives: September 2005

Jason York off to Europe

According to Jason York has decided to play in Switzerland with an out clause in his contract.

He will be playing in Europe until a NHL comes looking for his services.

Yashin Named Islanders Captain

Today Alexei Yashin officially became the Islanders 10th captain in its history. With Peca now playing for the Oilers, the Islanders needed someone to step in and fill the leadership void. One has to wonder how well the Islanders can do this year with Yashin as their undisputed leader. His heart and leadership have always been questioned, especially with recent playoff performances, and especially when he played for the Senators against the Maple Leafs.

Datsyuk Officially Signed

We can welcome him back into the nhl because he has officially signed a 2 year 7.6 million dollar contract.


Leafs Dazed and Confused

After a week of training camp, a few scrimmages, an inter-squad game, and one pre-season tilt, the early signs say the Toronto Maple Leafs may struggle. Here are some reasons why.

Habs: Best Team in Northeast

There has been lots of talk about Ottawa being so strong, Boston being better than last year, and Toronto (at least their die hard / unrealistic fans) making a legitamate shot despite the loss of depth and veteran leadership. The truth is that many sports writters and hockey fans are writting off Montreal or not taking them seriously.

Milan Hejduk to have surgery

According to right winger Milan Hejduk of the Colorado Avalanche under went arthroscopic knee surgery. He is excepted to miss a few weeks.

Here is the article for more info.

Cooke finally signed?

The Business with Arthur Griffith on Mojo radio in Vancouver is reporting that the Canucks and Matt Cooke are on the verge of announcing that he has signed a three year contract (no numbers were discussed).

Datsyuk Soon to Be in Motor City reports that Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland suggested that Pavel Dastyuk may return to Detroit in the coming week.

Can The Flyers Win the Cup?

According to the Hockey News, they can. The moves they made to shore up their D, deepen their farm system with strong drafts and trades, and getting perhaps the best player in the world are good reasons why the team has a strong chance to win.

Hockey Pools & The Rules

I wish to discuss the decisions that go into making your hockey pool team a successful one. If these decisions are not made correctly, they can lead you to a lot of unnecessary stress over the NHL season and you may; God forbid, not enjoy the game anymore. That’s why it’s imperative you follow these rules when making your choices (remembering that this article is partially for humor!)

Bruins to trade D-Hal Gill

Hal Gill is on the trading block in Boston as the cap challenged Bruins try to free up some coin to sign Nick Boynton.

The lowly Predators… Not to be underrated

The Nashville Predators are starting the season as the veritable underdogs, however I don’t believe we should be so quick to count them out, the Predators are entering the 2005-2006 season with a definite plan of attack.

BONDRA GOES TO ATLANTA. Where is Kovalchuk?

Well the news came in about Bondra and other reports say Atlanta isn’t even close with Kovalchuk soon. Bondra is a great add for Atlanta who is now still turning into a contender this year. The main question is…. Where is Kovalchuk? Trade? or will he hit wavier’s after October 5th? Only about 6 million left on the budget in Atlanta.

Who get’s him and how?

New York Ranger Rumors continue.