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Sens losing money?

Up here in Canada I think the game will be fine although the article I read that said the Sens will lose 10 million this year before the puck is even dropped and that they were at the maximum that they can spend kind of concerns me. I don’t know if its a new way to try to sell more tickets since they would not be able to sign Chara and Redden or have to deal players earlier then expected.

Arnason to Vancouver?

According to and there are several sources that are reporting the possible trade of Tyler Aranason from Chicago to Vancouver for Matt Cooke and a high draft pick.

Rock Bottom

This season of hockey is going to be a crapshoot. We all knew that well in advance. However, we do know which teams are going to be around the top and which teams will be plugging away at the bottom. These, according to popular opinion, are the bottom five teams who will be fighting for the first overall pick.

Man of his word?!?

According to … Pavel Datsyuk is now offically in Russia. The article states that the main reason he is staying is because he must “..fulfill my duties in front (of) Avangard. By that I mean my one-year contract.”

IIHF allowing oversized equipment in Turin Games

During a meeting in Portugal between the National Hockey League, NHL Players’ Association and International Ice Hockey Federation, it became clear the international hockey stage is not ready for all of the changes adopted by the NHL.

NHL deputy commissioner, Bill Daly tells Sportsnet the IIHF will stick to its goalie equipment sizing standards, meaning the majority of goalies who will be playing in the Olympics will be faced with having to make decision whether to change their equipment and “upsize” just for the Games in Turin 2006.

The Pittsburgh Penguins – A Wake Up Call Into a New NHL

Penguins – A New Reality

Imagine a team full of AHL players all struggling for a spot on the roster. This scenario plays out during the off season every year. However, for the penguins, this was the 2003-2004 season. While they did not make the play offs with this rookie team, and rookie coach they did do something – they were able to compete on an NHL level. Now let’s fast forward a bit to now, past the lockout, and past all the arguments. Let’s look at the new 2005-2006 NHL. The penguins have acquired leadership, talent, and a will to win. Not to mention hockey’s newborn superstar, Sydney Crosby.

Guidelines to Banning

After reading the article concerning the banning of IP addresses for anyone that makes “immature, unnecessary, and stupid” comments, I felt the matter was still unresolved. I have been a regular member of this site for several years and have seen my fair share of moronic posters. However, this newly instituted no-tolerance system raises several questions.

Keith Tkachuk Suspended By St. Louis Blues!!!!

According to TSN, Keith Tkachuk has been suspended by the St. Louis Blues for failing his physical. According to TSN article at, he showed up at training camp over-weight, but is expected to rejoin the team shortly.

Bruins re-sign netminder Raycroft

The Bruins on Friday re-signed Andrew Raycroft to a one-year contract, ending speculation the team would begin the 2005-06 season without the reigning Calder Trophy winner.

Financial terms were not disclosed, but Raycroft made $550,000 during his rookie season in 2003-04.

Banning IP's

I will make this very clear.

Out of Shape Heatley?

Reports in the Ottawa Sun newspaper indicate that Dany heatley physical tests are below average..

Who is the Best Left Winger in Hockey?

As good as the Right Wingers are in the NHL, the Left Wingers are no slouches either. Here is the top 10 Left Wingers in the NHL

1. Markus Naslund – arguably one of the best scorers in the league. He has a wonderful shot, great hands and terrific hockey sense. Yeah everyone can harp on him not doing a whole lot in the playoffs but he is one of the league’s best players. On the rush he may be the most dangerous. His great speed can break teams apart. playing on perhaps the best line in hockey certainly helps the cause.

Canucks goalie situation + Cooke Situation

The Canucks have an interesting situation going into the start of training camp. The have a fan favourite and world class agitator who is threatening at holding out. They have an absolute dogfight for the 6th spot on defence and they have three goalies, all who will want to play in the NHL. I think it is time we break this down.

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