2006-07 Panthers

From the sun-sentinel GM/Coach Martins establishes the panthers lines…This is what he has said in the paper…


(Goal scoring has been a problem for us so my expectations are in parenthesis for each forward.)

Roberts(15-20g) Jokinen(40-45g) Stumpel(20-25g)

Olesz(20-25g) Nieuwendyk(20-25g) Bertuzzi(35+g)

Gelinas(10-15g) Wiess(20g) Horton(30+g)

Campell(5-10g) Gratton(10-15g) Kolnik(10-15g)

Bouwmeester Allen

Salei Van Ryn



Ville Peltonen is injured right now so I don’t know how that will affect the lines nor do I know much about him.

I think stumpel is gonna pick up where he left off last season and Olesz is gonna take it up two notches playing on the Nieuwy Bert line. 3rd line is just solid. Horton will hit 30 goal mark and I’ve heard Wiess has stepped it up this offseason with training and off ice practice.

As far as the defense, I’m hoping Mezei can have a full season this yr and play up to expectations, his presence can be used on this team. Its a toss up to me between Kwiatoski and Jackman.

Goaltending is looking shaky already in camp from what I understand.

Jaybo will have a significant increase in assist and pt totals for sure, if healthy.

This looks like a 6-8th seed team if reasonably healthy throughout the season.

What do you think?

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  1. tancred says:

    Interesting, putting Stumpel on first line right wing. The article says that was a line from last year, but I didn’t get to see many Panthers games to take note of it.

    I really liked how Florida added Peltonen over the Summer. He was great for Finland in the Olympics. I think he played on a line with Jokinen and Selanne for the most part. I figured he’d play on the same line with Jokinen. Hopefully he won’t be out too long.

  2. John_Connor says:

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how Horton is sitting on the third line. IMO this guy is ready to make the leap to stardom as the next great power forward. Put him on the top two lines and first-unit PP and he’ll top 40 goals easily this year. The only thing that can stop him is an injury… well that and not getting enough ice time. No offense to the Tylenol Twins, but Horton should be in one of their places.

  3. thegoalie1976 says:

    Goaltending is what this team comes down to.

    If Loungo could’nt get them in the playoffs, how will Auld/Belfour.

    I don’t see an improvement over last seasons finish.

  4. zenator says:

    I went to the pre-season game last night, have seen two other Panther games on satellite TV and recently spoke to someone with the team.

    The word is that Auld has been very inconsistent in practice etc.  Auld looked pretty solid last night– big, good positioning etc

    The D is very much improved.  Allen is a huge upgrade over Sean Hill.  Salei skates and passes better than expected.

    The O is a harder read, since Bertuzzi didn't play, but all the lines worked hard, applied pressure and shot fairly well.

    Over all, the bad news is that the goaltending remains unsettled.  The good news  is that this is by far the most talented Panther team I ever seen on the  D-line.  The O looks to have a lot of depth with 4 solid lines  and could be much improved if Bertuzzi returns to form, especially on the power play, where the Panthers really sucked last year.

    This is a very hard team to get a read on until the goaltending sorts out.

  5. TheFish12 says:

    Anybody remember what happened to Belfour in his last season in Dallas?  One of his worst seasons in his career, Dallas drops him, he signs in Toronto ( or if you speak cherry-ish, Tarana) and has an amazing season… His last season in T Dot? Has a horrible season, Toronto drops him, he signs with Florida (Is that Flarada in Cherry-ish?)… history has a way of repeating itself.  I'm not saying hes gonna repeat his form form his first season with the Maple Leafs (Bad back and all) but he should do well, better then most people seem to think and Auld is no pushover, he has represented Canada well on the Int'l stage as well as playing well behind the canucks often horrendous "D" last year.  Goaltending will be fine and the Panthers will make the playoffs

  6. GoalJudge says:

    My only concern is your line-ups.
    Pre-season is pre-season but you have Big Bert playing along Niewy.  That won't last by any stretch as Bert was signed to bolster the top line.

    Also Horton needs to get plugged somewhere other than as a 3rd line winger.  28 goals does not justiify earning only 3rd line minutes.

    Olesz I don't know too well, but I suspect he is a relatively mid 6 player. 
    I'd expect the low end expectations for both Roberts and Niewy.  Weiss also needs his shot.

    As for the D, I like it and it is much improved. Salei and Allen, are both very shy on offense, but will make up for Van Ryn and Bouwmeister's lagging D efforts.  But they are getting better.  This is Bouwmeister's year.

    Auld will still be suspect, and Belfour is better this year than last.
    If Auld can play 50 games, and Belfour 30, they could be a real threat.
    The biggest concern about goaltending is not whether Belfour can do the job, its how long can he do the job without getting injured.  Florida has to manage him well, and not overplay him, he will run out of gas quick, and get injured.  Even if he's hot, they need to utilize him sparingly to save his back for the playoffs, if they make it.

  7. zenator says:

    I agree that the Panthers need to sort their lines out.  It is going to take  a while to find the right combinations, but the talent is definitely there with a good blend of youth and experience.

    Personally, I"d also go with Bert over Roberts on the top line .

    Olesz  has the potential for a breakout season and has all the tools, but needs to learn to take his shot more often.  If the light goes on, he could be a 25 plus guy, but may still be a year away.

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