2006 Stanley Cup Finals

The 2006 Stanley Cup Finals are set to begin between two clubs that have battled hard to get to this point. Both the Hurricanes and the Oilers have grizzled veterans who are challenging to hoist the cup for the first time and most people feel that it is set to be a great series.

With that in mind who do you say will win the cup?

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  1. Peguiny says:

    first of all BRindamour wins stall 3rd

    {Peca=conn smyth

  2. Peguiny says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO canes win ow well great season

  3. wingerxxx says:

    Congrats to the Canes 🙂 Those guys and that entire franchise deserved the win tonight. I was rooting for the Oilers, but I feel great for guys like Glen Wesley, Bret Hedican, Brind’Amour, Weight, etc. that have been fighting for years to win it all, and now they have.

  4. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    Well, I’d just like to congratulate the Carolina Hurricanes. They had a great regular and post season, and deserve to be the Stanley Cup Champions. And congrats to Cam Ward, winning the Conn Smythe and Stanley Cup in your rookie season, just awesome. Hope to see you around Edmonton when you bring the cup home (in the wrong jersey though).

    And to my Edmonton Oilers……You guys had a spectacular season, after much turbulance, you got yourself into the 8th seed in the post season. You then blew past the Wings, Sharks, and Ducks, and barely came up short to the Hurricanes. You guys make Edmonton proud!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Let’s build on this and win it all next year!!!!

    Anyways, I’ll see you guys next season, and maybe a little over the summer.

    JannettyTheRocker………….Yeah, it’s me!!!

  5. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! GO OILERS GO!!!!!!!!!!! GO OILERS GO!!!!!!!!!!

  6. tancred says:

    Sorry to say I haven’t gotten to hear the latest news from Edmonton. Was there a riot? If so, I guess it was after game 6? Did police have to come in, and bash some heads? Thanks!

  7. tancred says:

    I would have voted for Brind’Amour if I had a say. Cam Ward was certainly worthy, though.

    There’s been some talk around here recently mentioning Mike Ricci as one of the ugliest players in the league. Surely guys like Bryan Marchment and Ian Lapperiere are uglier with their noses changing direction three times! lol

  8. tancred says:

    My prediction (Canes in 7) turned out to be true. Very happy it turned out that way, too. Awesome job by the Hurricanes!

    Have to give credit to the Oilers. Markkanen played a lot better than I thought he would. Good game by him tonight, even though that one C. Adams’ shot should have counted as a goal. I really like players like Hemsky, Spacek, Smith, etc. Torres and Moreau…not at all. I’ll keep the choice words I yelled at the tv about them to myself, though. 😉

    Hooray Hurricanes!

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