Monthly Archives: May 2006

HTR Playoffs Pool: 1st Round Standings!

Here are the standings for the Playoffs Pool after the 1st round!

Thought the Avs were good… this can only help!

“Konowalchuk cleared to play for Avs…”

20,000 people showed up, thanks a lot…

After the embarrasment that was Game 6 at the Wachovia Center, a disgruntled, yet optimistic fan gives their non-biased opinion on the team, the administration, and the future of the Philadelphia Flyers

Eastern Conference, Round 2

What an exciting round 1, and hey look.. 1-4 made it to the second round. On a side note, if Anaheim beats Calgary on Wednesday, 5-8 make it in the Western Conference.

Busy summer for Bob + ''Interesting Fact''

Yes it’s all over for the Habs…in a disapointing way! They got what they deserved.

However while players are in vacation, GM Bob Gainey should be about to enter his busy time at work…

goaltending in the playoffs

There have been many great games played in the playoffs thus far. In my eyes, any remaining team from both the East and the West can win it all. But it all depends on goaltending. Goaltending is the key to winning in the playoffs. And it isnt always the goalie that is expected to succeed who gets the job done. This is a look at the goaltending that has been seen in the playoffs.

Jay Feaster's List to do during the Summer….

After being eliminated by the Ottawa Senators in the first round of the stanley cup playoffs, GM Jay Feaster of the Tampa Bay Lighting now has to make some changes…which are obliviously needed. there are not many that I can think of by there is a couple.

Cost of Malkin?

Reuters is reporting that if the Pittsburgh Penguins want Evgeni Malkin in their uniform next season, it could cost them. According to Reuters, the Russian team Malkin plays for feels that Pittsburgh must buy out his contract before he can leave for North America.