2007-2008 Nuck's

I just want to show people what the Canucks team could look like next year, and just writing some ideas.

2007-2008 Canucks:


Taylor Pyatt, 3 years, 1.1 million
Brian Smolinski, 2 years, 1.8 million
Josh Green, 2 years, 550k
Ryan Kesler, 3 years 1.8 million
Raffi Torres, 2 years, 1.0 million

Let go:

Tommi Santala
Dany Sabourin
Jan Bulis
Trevor Linden
Brett Sopel


Robert Esche, 1 year, 0.7 million (Luongo can have a rest, and Esche plays 12-15 games)


To Edmonton: Lukas Krajicek, Jozef Balej (with the risk of him not coming back to Canada)
To Vancouver: Raffi Torres

The Team:

Extras: Burrows

extra: A Moose d man like Rahimi, Coulombe, or sign someone who is still good, but no one wants, like Dick Tarmstrom


That team still isn’t the most offensive, but Torres will hopefully have a breakout year, and Grabner will get 40-50 points. Added a bit of grit with Torres, so the team will be a bit tougher, but not really a tough team to play against like Anahiem. The defense is really good. That is one of the best defense’s in the NHL assuming Edler can at least play like he has this year, and I’m expecting Bourdon to get the same numbers as Carle did this year. I think if Naslund has grittier players to play with that might help, because he’ll feel like his job once again is just to put the puck in the net (and play defense, but he would either way, so why not get him some tougher players). Also the three lines in my opinion are more lines then what the Nuck’s have now. Now they have the twins, and just whoever, and the same goes for Smolinski and Nazzy, and then Mo and Cooke.

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  1. Go_Leafs_14 says:

    You seem like a smart guy but letting linden and sopel go and signing Eshe?? I really don't like that idea. But getting Torres and resigning Smolinski, Kesler and Pyatt is a VERY good idea. And I appreciate the fact that Yan PIM Bulis is out of there. So pretty good job 'cept for some of the guys you let go.

    Keep Ur Stick On The Ice 😉

  2. Canuckrock says:

    What about Cowan?  He's cheap and brings some energy.  Cowan + Cooke on a line = good show.  Plus he's cheap.  Sabourin has potential so it's not worth throwing him away since he costs basically 0.  I don't believe there'd be 2 freshmen D-Men(Bourdon, Edler) on the same line.  They'd be chopped meat.  I bet Sopel can be brought back for cheap, like 1.5M. 

  3. BieksaForMVP says:

    I left out Cowan, because he hasn't chipped in very much offensivly lately, and only about as much guys like Green and Burrows (he only has more then them, because he went on a 5 or 6 game streak, which everyone gets in there career), and Green and Burrows are very important to the PK, so i left Cowan. I also don't think Sopel will come back, because he's making 2.4 million now, and with not many good d man on the market this summer, he will likely get close to 3.0 million.

  4. BieksaForMVP says:

    I think Linden is too old, and do you think he can hold up another year? He's barely able to contribute now (he is, but by next year will completely lose his hands, and will be done). I thinkl Sopel has to go, because of his contract. Not that's it's too much it's just we shouldn't invested plus 2.0 million into a d man, when we already have one of the best defense's in the NHL and Roberto Luongo. I only think they should sign Esche, because all the backups available are guys like Lalime, who shouldn't even be playing at the NHL level, so i went with Esche.

  5. JuicemaN says:

    Look at that hockey fans…..a realistic point of view…..maple leaf fans please take note; this is what not being high maintenance whiners looks like (especially Leafymcleaf).

    Although I'd keep Sopel I do agree with ridding yourselves of Linden…waste of a roster spot over sentimental values of keeping him with the nucks.

    good article as always!!

  6. BieksaForMVP says:

    I think resigning Sopel would be bad, because the Nuck's already have 3 key d man locked, up will probably resign Bieksa after next year, leaving two spots for Bourdon, Edler, and Rahimi, and probably Krajicek (he will probably stay in real life), so Sopel wouldn't fit it, and cost quite a bit of money.

  7. Gagne1286 says:

    Good article, everything seems very plausible, good work.

  8. hero11 says:

    you underestimate Lindens value!  He is a positive presence in the dressing room, a big reason the whole team has bought in to AV's system.   A natural leader and role model on the ice when it comes to work ethic.  He's a keeper for next to nothing!

  9. TheDugg1er says:

    I'm pretty sure Sopel said he'd sign for anything long term, he wants to stay in Vancouver for the rest of his career. As soon as he was traded he moved his family back down to Vancouver. I'm thinking he'll be signing for pretty cheap.

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