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What was San Jose Thinking??????

GM Bob Gainey finally pulled off his first mediocre (I can’t call it big) deal of the year, sending Craig Rivet and a 2008 5th Round Pick to the Sharks for Josh Gorges and a 2007 1st Round Pick.
My question to all of you Habs fans is “How on earth can Bob Gainey keep ripping other teams off like this? “

Craig Rivet traded to San Jose!

Montreal Canadiens General Manager Bob Gainey announced today the acquisition of defenseman Josh Gorges and the San Jose Sharks’ first round pick in 2007, in return for defenseman Craig Rivet and a 5th round pick in 2008.

Leafs options for the trade deadline

If the leafs need anything right now its a scoring winger, and a shoot-out artist, a list of trade options would be: Brendan Bell, Staffan Kronwall, Andy Wozniewski, every draft pick except the 1st rounder, Wade Belak, Travis Green, Kris Newbury, Aleksander Suglobov, and perhaps J-S Aubin

Will the Flyer's be as good as ever next season?

Yes, they will be. Most of there overpaid bum’s who have been bust’s are not coming back next year (Rathje, Calder, York, Zhitnik, Esche, and MAYBE not Hatcher).

In my opinion one of the best trades ever since the lockout was getting Coburn for Zhitnik (I meant Philly won it by the way). Zhitnik is overpaid, old, and has another year on his contract, and Coburn is a good, young player with ton’s of potential.

D-Man To leave???

Whats the deal with all the talk about Souray leaving…atm he is our best player who has the most heart for the game! so what happens if he leaves? well without a heart…the body doesnt work and hockey sort of runs the same way so why trade the heart for a kidney? so to speak a player who just wants to make a living and doesnt love the sport? If anyone is to go it would have to be Rivet and Samsonov and maybe a futuristic Ryder? its just to bad that none of the gm’s come on here and see our opinions though! They may be the biggest help!

Veteran Gelinas to Canucks?

According to “the Vancouver Canucks are close to a deal with the Florida Panthers that would send veteran Martin Gelinas to Vancouver in exchange for either one or two draft picks.”

If perhapes the ‘Nucks were to pick up Gelinas only $200 000 of his salary would count against the cap.

Tkachuk to the Thrashers!

TSN is reporting the St. Louis Blues have agreed on a deal to send Keith Tkachuk to the Atlanta Thrashers, and he is just deciding whether or not to waive his no trade clause for the Thrashers.

Reviewing the Situation || Updated (2/25)

Hello hockey fans. Our time has come! The Trade Deadline is three full days away and what are we exactly looking at now? Have things changed? Find out!

Gainey in the driver's seat

With Brewer signing today long term today, and Zhitnik just being dealt for Braydon Coburn who by the way is going to be a real good one. Gainey holds all the cards when it comes to D-men. With Rivet, Souray, Markov and to a much lesser extent Ninnima, im sure Bob’s phone is ringing off the hook. Now look at what Philly got for Zhitnik, a very very good prospect. Anaheim got a 1st round pick for Shane O’brien (who I never heard of). Souray and Rivet’s stock just went way up, I think Gainey may not have a choice but to move both of them. With Anaheim moving a D-man they must be looking to add a better one, could it be Souray ??? If it is, I want Ryan Getzlaf in return.

Thrashers make a deal

The Atlanta Thrashers have made a dip into the trade market but acquiring Alexei Zhitnik from the Flyers for Braydon Coburn. Although not a major deal it is a sign that things are starting to roll. Expect further trades to happen before the weekend comes to an end.

Why a trade with COLORADO would make perfect sense!

Why trade with detroit for NO REASON, when you can trade with colorado.
First if Toronto would trade with colorado the trade should go like this.

TO COLORADO: 3rd round pick, Brendan Bell, Staffan Kronwall, or aleksander suglobov, which ever one works., and Green

Ducks Acquire 1st Round Pick!

According to, the Anaheim Ducks have acquired a first round pick from the Tampa Bay Lightning for Defenseman Shane O’brien. This deal helps Tampa Bay this year, giving them a little depth in defense, but only benefits anaheim next year. Personally, this move doesn’t make much sense considering they’re going for the cup this year and the extra defenseman would help their cause in case of injury.

Blake Available?

Seeing as there is a massive need for more Pens rumours, here is one.
According to TFP Blake may be available, and the Pens may be interested.