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Leafys Rants

From the Hall of Fame, to another Summit Series, to the NHL awards, I’ve got it all this week.

Best and worst of 2006-2007

It is nearing the end of the regular season and there has been a lot of busts and also a lot of surprises this year. Here is a list of people who got paided a lot and had a lot of exceptions on there back, but never lived up to there exceptions.

2006-2007 busts.

Nikolai Zherdev salary: Signed a $7.5 million, three-year deal.
Result: 66 games played 10 goals and 31 points.
Comments: I and many other people expected big things from this kid
after that 27 goal performance last year. I think his problem is he must become more dedicated to the NHL game.

Who is the best matchup for the Pens

With the Penguins guaranteed of making the playoffs and finishing no lower then the 5th seed I wanted to see what people think the best/worst matchups for the Pens are.

Next Year we will have a better chance….

This year I hope the Leafs can make the playoffs, if they do I’m still not convinced they belong though. The team is just way too inconsistent, their needs to be some changes. With the salary cap going up next season, and the Leafs with some excess spending money, they will definitely make some upgrades.

That's All Folks???

The fat lady sang twice tonight-

Once for the B’s losing to the Pen’s, and once for the playoff “pie in the sky” hopes.

For a little over a week or two, i really didn’t think we had a chance- the teams we had to play, road games in tough barns, home games with about as many Bruins fans as the opposing team, no PP goals, tons of SH goals, no Murry, no Axelsson,,, ok,im being redundant there.

Canucks Re-Sign SALO!!

TSN reports that Caunucks GM Nonnis has re-signed d-man Sami Salo to a four year contract extension. Financial terms where not disclosed.

What if fantasy drafts were a reality?

All this talk of a fantasy trade involving Sidney Crosby and remembering how exciting the first transactions were post-lockout (when players were bought out by teams and every 5 minutes, a star player was donning a new uniform) have made me think of a way that this NHL could really become not only more exciting, but downright mainstream interesting.

Every 3 years, all the teams get re-drafted. I understand this will NEVER HAPPEN, but it just might be a great idea. Let me explain.

What if just what if you could trade Crosby?

Ok………first off im just going to say that this is an opinon, something I just thought of but if you could trade crosby who would it be? Who would the Pens want back in return? As a Penguins fan a would never even come close to trading him but if had to i would ask for a hell of alot back in return
this is unrealistic but i’ll give it a shot.

No Samsonov…No Problem!

Currently sitting in the final playoff spot the Habs have won 5 straight and have been on fire as of late. With recent wins coming against Toronto, Boston twice, Washington and more impressively the New York Rangers, the Canadiens look to be a major contender for one of the last 3 spots available. They have also won 7 out of 8 and show no signs of quit.

6 Wins and the Leafs are In….Maybe

With 2 weeks remaining in the regular season the playoff picture is far from being set in stone. One team in a dogfight is the Toronto Maple Leafs. Thanks to some loose play the last few of weeks that resulted in them throwing away winnable games, Toronto has put themselves in a position where they need to win at least 6 of their final 7 games to make the playoffs. Amassing at least 94 points puts greater pressure on their competitors and basically allows the Leafs to control their own destiny. Anything less would mean leaning far too heavily on other teams to help them out.

Kings sign defenceman Jack Johnson, will make NHL debut Thursday

Los Angeles signed defenceman Jack Johnson on Tuesday and the prospect is set to make his NHL debut Thursday night when Kings host the Canucks.

Flyers close to deal with Biron

According to the Flyers are close to a deal with Martin Biron.

What I think

The leafs have 2 options,
1)keep the team they have now, and hope for a healthy year next year

2)get some juicy free agents