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Forget any major trades for this year draft

 This is only my opinion, but, I think there won’t be any major trade involving the Canadiens this year at the entry draft pick for 2 reasons.

Montreal Canadiens Trade Speculations

These are a few of my ideas as to whom, from the Canadiens, has a chance of being traded by draft day. I am not saying they are going to happen, but we won’t see any deals like this:
To Toronto: Jokinen
To Dallas: Kilger and 2nd Round Pick.
As a Habs fan I know Kilger’s value so don’t say that THAT is a good trade for Dallas.

Off-Season for Habs

Ok, i’m a life long Habs fan and as the end of last year came, i couldn’t help but think “i wonder who the Habs will get and who the Habs can?” I’ve heard all the rumours surrounding Bergeron, Briere, Souray and Marleau and ya, it’d be great to get these guys but Habs fans everywhere have to more realistic.

Super Series Roster Announced

The roster chosen to play a triumphant 8 game sweep of the Russians has been selected.

Cujo wants to come back

According to an article in the Toronto Sun , Curtis Joseph would love to come back to Toronto to finish off his career. When asked if he would settle for being the backup heading into the new season, the King City residnet replied “To be back here again? Ya, absolutely I would, for sure,” . The 40 year old would probably also have to take a hometown discount.

Interesting Speculation from Nashville

The Tennessean is downplaying speculation that the Predators are set to become a poor team following the potential losses of key players Kariya, Forsberg and the recent trades of Hartnell and Timonen. They report that it is not likely that the Predators will move players such as Arnott, Vokoun or Sullivan to further reduce their payroll even further.

Rangers ready for contract talks with Nylander??

Larry Brooks of the New York Post is reporting that the Rangers are getting ready for contract talks with Gillis, Nylander’s agent. Brooks speculates that Nylander will be able to command a 4 year deal in the range of 18-20 million dollars on the open market and it is well known that Nylander has already fired his old agent for reportedly agreeing to a deal worth 3.75 per season.

More Pitkenen Rumors from Philly

The is adding more speculation regarding the possibility that the Flyers will move young defenseman Pitkanen.

New Uniforms!

According to, its heard to me that on draft day coming up this friday, that the bluejackets will anounce their new team jerseys that will be worn on juring the 2007-2008 nhl season. This will be shown by a couple of jacket players just before the draft begins.

Hossa and Radivojevic Trash Neo-Nazis!!

This is a good article for any1 who thinks Euros are soft….

Taken from…

Would Souray be a better forward than a defensman?

I am not optimistic that Bob can sign Souray…but if he did, I think he would make a better forward. If he could get 64 pts as a defender he may be able to put up even better numbers up front. He could still quarterback the PP and he wouldn’t be such a liability on D. (He would also and grit)

Shopping for coaches

According to the Ottawa Senators might hire ex NHLer Dale Hunter as a coach. Hunter is a coach and a part owner of the London Knights of the OHL. The Ottawa Citizen writes ” Hunter is one of the best coaching prospects in the world and would make a great NHL coach.” Hunter coached the Knights to a Memorial Cup in 2004.

Is Julien Going to Boston?

After numerous reports came out yesterday confirming that Claude Julien, the ex-Devils coach, was hired as the bench boss of the Bruins, the organization has remained silent. Could the silence mean that Chiarelli is still considering other candidates? Could Mike Milbury still find himself behind the Bruins’ bench for a second tour?

Here’s the story about the Bruins’ silence:

Here’s a story about Milbury’s potential hiring:

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