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Yashin in, Raycroft out?

According to, Eklund said that the Leafs are trying really hard to trade Raycroft to make more cap space to sign Yashin. If Raycroft does leave the Leafs, it will be most likely to Phoenix.

more to come later.

Leafs and Yotes Trade Speculation.

For about a week now .. reports say the Leafs are trying desperatly to move Andrew Raycroft to shed some cap space to add depth, maybe Alexi Yashin however the team that i keep hearing and the only logical choice would be Phoenix simply because of there need of a starting goaltender. In my opinion i dont see JFJ trying to move Raycroft because i believe he likes the tandom of Toskala/Raycroft and might want them to do a 40/40 situation or a 50/30 situation. But rumors be true Rayzor could be heading to Phenoix .. Who do you think the Leafs will try to get in return?? I think if the rumors are infact true the Leafs will be asking for a lot in return simply because they gave up Rask for this guy and the Leafs will expect a decent prospect in return along with pics. a deal could look something like this:

24 Hour Watch

According to Eklund from a source told him….

P.S. take this as it is speculation from Eklund

Western Conference Outlook

Since the East has been done now, let’s take a look at the west.

Central Division

Detroit Red Wings- Continue to be a dominating force in the Western Conference. Although they lost Schneider, they gained a mirror image in Rafalski. Now that they landed Hasek, expect them to challenge for the conference once again. Although they lost Lang, and Bertuzzi, it shouldn’t be a huge deal. 

What's wrong with the way they are?

As a leafs fan I always seem to find myself thinking, what’s the next move for the leafs? But today I ask, what’s wrong with the way they are?

NHL Teams Cap Space

Ok, before people jump all over me, these numbers are all based on every team being able to spend the Cap Maximum. Just so you understand, thats what the site I got these numbers from states. The site was also last updated on July 4th for certain teams and July 6-7 for others, so certain players might have signed to change these numbers. Now, moving on.

What Gainey Has Done for the Habs

I can’t help but notice that everywhere in the internet community that most fas are very disappointed with the way that General Manage Bob Gainey handled the off-season. Does anyone remember last season? Does anyone remember anything else other than the fact that the team did not make the playoffs?

Forsberg to sign with Canucks

Peter Forsberg is expected to sign with Vancouver if the NJ/Van trade falls throught, with over 8 million in cap space and only one hole to fill at Left Wing this could be Elais or Forsberg’s place to fill.

Would Yashin look good in Toronto?

Since the article about Clemmensen signing turned into a potential Peca or Yashin signing discussion, I figured I’d start a new thread to get everyone’s opinion on the possibility of Yashin as a leaf.

Arbitration woes

The bar has been set, with Vanek taking up over 7 million dollars per season on the Sabres Salary cap. Now we can observe statistically how must other high scoring RFA’s might fair in arbitration.

Leafs Sign Clemmensen

The Maple Leafs are back at it in the Free Agent market signing former New Jersey Devils goalie Scott Clemmensen. Yes the same Clemmensen that lost the game that would have put the Leafs into the playoffs last April.

Reasons for signing the players they did

Since July 2nd, when the Habs signed Roman Hamrlik, people have been wondering why they would sign him, Bryan Smolinski, Tom Kostopoulos and Jamie Rivers. Well, here’s my reasoning, which quite possibly could be Gainey’s reasoning as well.


The Montreal Canadiens sign Defencemen Jamie Rivers to a two year contract. Rivers 32 years old played 31 games with the Blues last season was a -7.