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Predators Sold

The Nashville Predators were sold to a local ownership group for 193 million dollars. This officially brings to an end the speculations of Jim Balsillie bringing the Predators to southern Ontario. This is good for Predator fans because it means the franchise will not move but it is bad for Leaf fans who were expecting a second franchise in southern Ontario.

One move away from a Cup

They have the best goalie in the league, a solid defense core, and a much improved offense, the Canucks are among the best in the NHL this year. Only two teams in the NHL have more points (although San Jose, Dallas, and New Jersey are all tied with the Canucks in points).

There one top 6 winger away from being contenders (and a couple of depth moves of coarse).

Hopefully This Consistent Play Continues

This week has been a good one for the Leafs, which was much need after much termoil and chaos in Leafnation during their long losing skid. Whats even better is that the Sens went on a longer losing skid then the Leafs, yet they keeping trying to rip on the Leafs.

Reasons why the Leafs won't give up Thomas Kaberle for Mareau

1.Best Puck handler.

2.Helps on the pp

3.He plays great defence whenever its needed for the leafs.

Would YOU trade Lecavalier???

I’m getting sick of hearing people say how Bob Gainey should move to get Vinny Lecavalier.Same old song and dance:”Gainey should trade Ryder,Huet and Streit for Vinny!”.Guys,Lecavalier is the best player in the NHL right now and Peter Pocklington ins’t in hockey anymore.So Lecavalier ain’t going anywhere until,at least,the end of his contract.

Recchi picked off waivers by Atlanta; Conklin recalled.

Mark Recchi is no longer a Penguin. The 39 year-old veteran who had been a dissapointment in Pittsburgh during the present season and whom apparently had been having issues with coach Michele Therrien was picked off the waiver wire by the Atlanta Thrashers after the Penguins recalled him yesterday.

Dallas and Tampa have been exploring trade

According to Darren Dreger on TSN during the game between the Rangers and Thrashers, there is finally “a legitimate trade rumor” that involves the Dallas Stars and the Tampa Bay Lightning and apparently the Stars target is Martin St. Louis.

Gainey has to lock up Higgins and komisarek

All around the NHL,GMs sign long-term the young players around whom they’re gonna build their respective teams for the years to come.Just look at Getzlaf,Spezza,Heatley,Roy,Vanek,Horton,Weiss,Datsyuk,Hemsky,etc.With Dustin Penner leaving Anaheim as an RFA,some GMs are gonna do the same and offer contracts to RFAs.That’s why I think Bob Gainey has to lock-up the players around whom he’s gonna build his team in the coming years.

Marleau Coming Home?

According to various sources and reports, the San Jose Sharks and Toronto Maple Leafs are coming very close to making a fairly substantial trade. It would consist of Patrick Marleau and a draft pick going to Toronto for Tomas Kaberle and a young forward. Possibly Alex Steen or Matt Stajan.

Vote for…Osgood?

I know that I haven’t been on HTR for a while now, but I needed to bring this up. We all remember the “Vote for Rory” campaign last year, right? Where every Canuck fan who was worth his dollar, and every other NHL fan who wanted to see a journeymen sent to the All-Star game rallied to get him there– and they almost did, but one of the main points that he didn’t was because a lot of people didn’t think he deserved it.

Auld A Bruin

According to, the Phoenix Coyotes have shipped Goaltender Alex Auld to the Boston Bruins, in exchange for Nick DiCasmirro and a 5th round selection in the 2009 Entry Draft.

Top 15 Teams So Far

With about 25 games into the season some teams really suprised the league and alot of fans. Heres the Top 15 right now in my opinion:

1/3rd season complete. Atlantic and Central divisions are tops.

Last year, the only division to send 4 teams to the playoffs was the Atlantic. To date, this trend looks to continue, which shouldn’t surprise many. What is surprising, perhaps, is the fact that the Central division also currently holds 4 playoff spots.

In fact, the Atlantic and Central divisions are the only two divisions where each team has a winning record (defined here as more wins in regulation than loses in regulation, and also more total points than games played).

What do you think are the best divisions?
Does it surprise anyone how well these two divisions are doing? Or how poorly the Northwest (with only 2 teams playoff-bound) is doing?