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Niedermayer rejoining the Ducks and are reporting that the Anaheim Ducks have announced the return of Scott Niedermayer to the team for the remainder of the season.

USA Hockey names WJC Team reported that USA Hockey has named its 22 man team, they didnt make a clear list so i figured id do it myself althogh i am short a man and i dont know who it is. So here is the lineup.

Lapierre and O,Byrne recalled and are reporting that the Habs have recalled Maxim Lapierre and Ryan O’Byrne from Hamilton and have sent Grabovski back to the Bulldogs.

The If Only's from the 2007 offseason

Free agents, Trades, and aquisitions that haven’t turned out the way some teams would like.

Gainey Carbo on the go??

It seems like Ground Hog Day the movie. It was at this time last year when Montreal played the Wings in Detroit. It was just as embarassing as yesterday. After the game Carbonneau says « Muller and I can’t lace up the skates and play!!! Our goalies have to be better!!!» Well maybe its time to teach Carbo new tricks because his methods have not given any results.

Higgins not untouchable

Carbonneau mentioned something very interesting about Higgins when interviewed before the game. He said he’s not proving to be the guy who should be playing with Koivu. Personally, I see it the other way around, but Higgins would be way more interesting to other teams than guys like Ryder or Koivu. Nobody ever talks about Higgins in these trade rumors but a guy with his potential and with his contract could be worked into a deal to get the team somebody better.

A goalie for Colorado

According to The Fourth Period, the Colorado Avalanche are looking for a netminder.
Joel Quenneville is starting to have headaches with the inconsistency of Jose Theodore and Peter Budaj. He (Quenneville) started of the year with the idea of splitting the games between the 2 goaltenders hoping for someone to step up but his plan is not working out.

Edmonton/Nashville Specualtion

I feel I should start out this thread by saying that this is JUST a rumor, and I have no source, other than my friend, who heard it from some one else. Very reliable source, I know. =/

Mark Recchi. What would you give up for him?

After being the third leading scorer on the Penguins last season with 68 points, Recchi, with just 8 points in 19 games and a -2 rating (having scored only 2 goals, and only one since the opening night), has seen a massive collapse in offense, resulting in his being a healthy scratch for the past 5 straight games.
There are lots of rumours of him going to the Blue Jackets (which I doubt), the Canucks (which I hope) and a few others.

My question is, at $1.75 million, what would you reasonably give up for him, assuming (maybe naively) that you would want him?

Just another Leaf article

Hey all, brand new here hoping to inject some freaking reality. Big Leaf fan so lets get that out of the way. Also a realistic Leaf fan, we are not going anywhere with this club as it sits now. Sorry you delusional fans. Its not happening. We are a relatively decent talented team with a d-core full of the same guy. And we have a guy that is in my humble opinion, (sundin) playing at MVP level this year (without support). That said, if I was catholic I would be saying hail mary’s but Mats needs to be traded for the good of this team. I love him and would love to see him hoist Stanley in Blue and White, but not happening this year.

Sundin please?

I recently read an article in the Toronto Sun, about Sundin being quoted to have said that he would not wave his no trade clause. I just have a few things to say to Sundin. If you truely want to win a cup with the Leafs, and if you do feel like this is where you would like to spend the rest of your career. Then you would want to do what’s best for the team in the long term.If the Leafs are out of the playoffs by the trading deadline

Tampa Bay Fans – Need Your Help

We always hear the rumors out of Montreal about us trading 24 pucks for lecavalier, and that the wants to come here ‘because he’s french’, but with the recent slide of the Lightning, I’m looking for Tampa Fans to tell me What you would want from Montreal for him.

Halak to start versus Wings?

According to,, and hockeybuzz, The Montreal Canadiens have recalled goaltender Jaroslav Halak Of the Hamilton Bulldogs (AHL).